Thursday, August 27, 2020

Did you sign up for the Virtual Visionaries?

 This weekend is going to be a first for me!  I usually love to try to win a trip with Avon to the big Summer events every year but this year because of COVID19 - it's going to be online.

It's only 59.00 and you get about 150 in products - so worth it!  Let me help you this year to earn more money with Avon.  By Watching some of the videos I've created you can find out where your weak links are.  

The fortune is in the follow up!

Have you heard that before?  It's true.  If  you don't give out samples, books and links to your website, you won't prosper.

Your customer needs to feel like you care - One of my reps always puts little stickers on her bags, candy kisses in them and puts a special twist on her friendship.

I like to do little thank you notes and I buy extra products and give them as free gifts.

I have an invoice which at the bottom has formulas that calculate how many free gifts they get:

if over 25 they get a lip balm

if over 40 they get a glimmer stick

if over 60 they get a hand cream

if over 80 they get a goody bag valued at 15-20.00

and yes with each step the keep each one as they climb.  If you know excel and would like a copy of this, let me know.

I want you to be a real winner in this business.  It can be such a blessing to have an income you can do from home.  Take a moment and read my article on becoming a winner...

I lost a few customers to the virus this year and it made me sad that they were alone.  Let's try to pick up the pace and see how many people we can truly help.

Together as a team, we can make a difference in the world.

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