Friday, October 6, 2017

New Representatives - Reps winning Awards - Three President's Club Members - it's all Great!!!!

Welcome New Reps!
Congratulations to Reps who are winning
Top Awards!
Way to go - President's Club Members!

I love my team!

Wow - We have had a great summer!
Now it's time to head into Fall and the biggest selling season for Avon Reps.

When I was at Rep Fest in Nashville, I saw the amazing fashions that are coming up as well as a new sizing chart for Mark clothes.  It's going to be a little more generous cut for us which is great.

Shoes Shoes Shoes!  I love my new bling sandals - did anyone else get them in black as well as white?  They go with everything!

We have some sad news - Mary Sanford lost her Mom this week and our thoughts and prayers go out to her.  We hope she will be surrounded by Angels and be comforted.

Some great news!

Mary Sanford, Shelley Warren and I are all over 10,000 for the year.  If we can get it over 20,000 by the end of Campaign 26, we will have the perqs of President's club for an entire year.

So far, with the 10,000 we have gotten 40% off and won 400 points for making it.
We can use those 400 points to save for anything in the catalog we want, or we can use them to buy a Mrs. Albee for 2017

Relda Quinn is snatching up all the Charms in the Charm Contest!

Welcome, Gwendolyn Osif to our Team!
There is a new Rep orientation meeting at my house tomorrow at 11:00 am

Have you ever wanted to do an Event?
I am working a booth at a School Carnival.  Have you ever thought about doing that?
Let me know, I'll come and help you!
Get it scheduled and get it on my calendar and we will get you lots of customers!

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