Friday, August 30, 2013

Avon New make up collection - More vivid, true colors! New Cosmetic Technology!

When you understand exactly how phenomenal this change is, you will be able to sell much more of it.  Campaign 19 is very special because you will get double sales award dollars towards the title of President's Club.  Once you reach President's club, you get 40% off for the entire next year. 


The new color technology puts us in the same ballpark as MAC - as far as vivid true colors go.  Their make up system is excellent but who has 600.00 to invest in make up that has to be changed out every 3 months to maintain good hygiene.  Our products are much more efficient use of your customer's money.  Ask a MAC customer what they would do with 550.00???  That is how much money they would save if they changed their regimens to Avon - what we create for about 50 is what they do for about 600.00.

Also I interviewed a MAC makeup artist and asked him how much he gets for doing a makeover at the mall.  He said, we only get 1.00 for each person we do, but we get commission on what we sell them.   Aren't you glad you are with Avon?  New reps get 40.00 for every 100 in sales for the first four orders of their career. 

Let me know how you are doing - please keep in touch with me.  Have a great week. 

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader


Avon Perfume Test

Don't you love personality tests.  I don't know if they are accurate or I subconsciously change my answers to match what I want it to say, but I have a fun one for you!   Look on page 36 of Avon catalog 19, and take the perfume test!   I happen to be in the B category. Amazingly enough they paired "b" with my favorite perfume "Step into Sexy".  If you like that fragrance,  you will love the new perfume called PASSION coming out in 20 or 21!  Have fun with it and include your customer in the fun!   Have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Be Happy, Be yourself....

What kind of day did you have today?  Did everything go as planned? Did everyone do their part for success?  Did someone let you down?  We all have a part in each other's lives and yet we are all on this journey called life.

That is what tomorrow is for. It's a do-over.  Tomorrow a chance to start fresh.  You can be in control of your self, your activities and steer your course. So, tomorrow, make a list of everything you need to do, including.....give out 3 books and get 3 names, phone numbers and email addresses.   Find creative ways to work this into your day.

Today, I gave two to the girls at my doctors offices and got two orders.  I gave one to a waitress who is showing it to the people in the kitchen.  Just along my journey today, I made time to do my prospecting.

Let's all try a little harder tomorrow.    Get a good night's sleep and start fresh.  Keep smiling!
Love ya,

Monday, August 26, 2013

I truly believe in not asking anyone to do something I myself, would or could not do.  So if I tell you that the challenge is to go to the store and introduce yourself to 3 people and give them a book, you better know that I am doing the same thing!  Saturday, I don't know what the temperature was but I got my make up and a cute outfit on, donned my Skechers and hat and embarked on a new journey.

I always tell people NOT to give out their new catalogs like Frisbees.  You lose the opportunity to meet someone and you don't get contact information.  It's like dropping money into a broken slot machine.  However, when you have lots of extra books and you still have one campaign to use them, by all means, stamp them with your name and address, put in a "I'm the Avon Lady" introduction letter and set one on each porch in the neighborhood. 

So, I have been concentrating on recruiting so much that I wanted to pump up my customer base.  Where ever I could see a live body on the walk around my neighborhood with my pull cart, I introduced myself to a REAL person and got their digits and email addresses.  Here's what I learned about myself.....

1) I have been procrastinating doing this because I tell myself it's too hot.  It took me 30 minutes to do 60 houses.

2)  I didn't die of exhaustion ;)

3)  I heard these comments from live people, "Wow, I didn't know how to find you!"  "I've been wanting an Avon lady!"  "I'm addicted to Avon - I just needed a rep!"

4)  I stepped out of my comfort zone to stretch my goals. 

I urge you to do this THIS WEEK - This is your order gathering week - so do something to Amaze me and come back here and write about it! 

Have a wonderful week!

Karen S Meyer,
Avon Unit Leader

Friday, August 23, 2013

Have a Jewelry Party!

I have lots of product and jewelry.  Team - set up an evening and invite everyone you know.  Nothing sells like being able to see the jewelry, or try different perfumes.  Give me a call today.  Let's make you some money!

If you are one of my customers, you can earn a piece of Mark or Paula Abdul Jewelry for every 250.00 in Sales. 

If you choose to join my team as a rep, you will make 40% on all your sales for your first 4 campaigns.  On jewelry, you make 20%.  You also get access to demo products at 50-60%. 

Call me today 480 262 3525


Avon in Good Housekeeping

I saw in Good Housekeeping that Avon is the preferred product for many make up artists. I was pleased to see the artist for Jessica Alba on there. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Megan Fox to be the Avoninsight celebrity ambassador

Megan Fox for Avon Instinct

Megan has designed fragrances for him and her which Will be released in 2014!  The new fragrance will be called Instinct!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Left to right, Mega Effects, Mascara, Color rich lipstick, Color duo eye shadows, New color lip crayons, full color lip gloss!
Avon's Campaign 19, "You make it Beautiful!"

Avon introduces bold new colors and levels the playing field between other, much more expensive, cosmetic lines, yet keeps it affordable.

Ever wonder what the difference is between the more vibrant colors and the lighter more subtle colors of the past?  The answer is in the base.  Avon is now using a clear liquid base when they add the rich color pigment it stays Vibrant!

I especially love the new eyeshadows.  Remember how the older styles had the #s on the bottom to tell you where each shade went?  Then while you were doing you eyes, you always have to turn your case over to see the pictures on the bottom.  Now the #s are engraved into the shadow.
  1. Under the eyebrow - fan it out on the sides - put a littlc next to your inner to make your eyes appear a little wider apart .
  2. This one goes on the lower lid - just two swipes gives you amazing color which offsets the color of your eyes and really makes them pop!
  3. This is the one that you very carefully pack into the crease.  I relax my eye lid and use the thin edge, carefully packing it so that I can feel the brush on the lid, slightly behind the eyeball.  This gives a really dramatic crease line.
  4. On the outside edge draw a greater than sign on your lit  "eye>" on the outside edge, then blend it in.
  5. Finish with really awesome liner very close to the lashes.  I use On the point - it simply flows on in a cream, not liquid base and when you put the cap on, it sharpens automatically.
Visit my site today and let's make you over!

"The new lipstick comes in 55 shades - When you feel like you need to refresh it, simply press your lips together and the technology kicks in gear and your color refreshes!  "

Read this article from - it's so true!!! 
"High quality and high technology define Avon color cosmetics. Scientists from around the world work to bring a global and regional perspective when to foundations, powders, nail, eye and lip products. And when it comes to lipstick, Avon knows how to meet consumers’ needs; the company sells four lipsticks every second.

Avon consistently pairs beauty and scientific innovation, resulting in products that provide superior performance and help women look and feel their best. The palettes are modern, seasonal and on-trend and are shaded to cover a broad range of skin tones.
Avon Color is Avon’s flagship global color cosmetics brand. Avon Color includes everything from mascara and nail enamel to a lipstick with a built-in lip gloss. Other brands in the cosmetics portfolio include the Jillian Dempsey Professional, created by Avon’s Global Creative Color Director and industry icon Jillian Dempsey; Smooth Minerals, developed with essential nutrients and minerals, including copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc and malachite; and ANEW Beauty with the same cutting-edge anti-aging technology found in the revolutionary ANEW skincare line." ~!

The colors are amazing!   "What you see is what you get!"  The new lipstick even has a clear lid so you can see what color you are pulling out of your purse without having to open it!"


Monday, August 19, 2013

Nail polish to match your out fit

Avon has something new for you!

Avon has something for everyone....
Who can be an Avon Representative?
Anyone wanting to increase his or her self esteem...
Anyone who likes talking to people...
Anyone who loves to talk on the phone...
Anyone who loves to play on the internet and be creative....
Anyone who loves to plan parties and campaign launches...
Someone who loves to get and give prizes!
Someone who loves to be on the cutting edge of style...
Someone like you!
Call me today 480 262 3525
Let's chat...about you becoming the person you were meant to become!

Let me tell you about Mega Effects Mascara the newest design in Mascara in 50 years!

You know, when you think of mascara, you get a picture of a tube and a wand.  You get a picture of it running down your cheeks when you cry, and it's so difficult to hold the wand in your not dominant hand and get the exact angle as the side with the dominant hand, right?
This new design has the patented wonderbrush which is concave to your shape of your eye.  You pop off the top, rock the brush gently out of the container, then bend the brush in the angle that is most comfortable for you.  Finally, place it next to your eye and just BLINK.  In one blink, you get 40% more product!
Try it today - here is my website:
Here is some history on Mascara - fascinating!
The increased demand for mascara led to the development of the many formulas seen in the current market. Despite the many variations, all formulas contain the same basic elements: pigmentation, oils, and waxes.
The pigmentation for black mascara is similar to the pigmentation used by the Egyptians and Victorian women. Carbon black, instead of soot or ash, is used. Tar and coal derivatives are strictly prohibited by the FDA. Brown mascaras typically color by use of iron oxides though the specific compounds are unique to each brand. In some mascaras, an additional pigment of ultramarine blue is added.[7]
There is a great deal more leeway and variety among the oils used. Different mineral oils, linseed oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, lanolin, and oil of turpentine can be found most frequently among the many formulas. Sesame oil is also commonly used.[7]
Waxes usually found in mascara are paraffin wax, carnauba wax, and beeswax.[7]
The desired effects of the mascara account for most variations of ingredients. The most basic effect considered is whether the mascara will be water-resistant or not. Water-resistant mascaras have basis in substances that rebuff water, like dodecane. Non water-resistant mascaras have base ingredients that are water-soluble.[26] Mascaras designed to lengthen or curl the eyelashes often contain nylon or rayon microfibers.[27] Additionally, ceresin, gum tragacanth, and methyl cellulose are regular ingredients added to act as stiffeners.[7]
Thank you Wikipedia!!!