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I wanted to know if the 25.00 mascara was as good as my mascara, so I decided to really try to be objective

First - presentation - 
Younique comes in a lovely case which looks just like an eye glass case you might receive for free from your Optician
It is a well made case with spring hinge

This is also a nicely made case with a spring hinge

So the good news is that Younique gave me the idea to put my mascaras into a nice case and I got this one for free.

The ingredients say to put the moist dark mascara on first, then the lash fibers, then seal them with another coat of mascara, and then if you want to use your own mascara  you can do that

Younique 25.99

My experience was that Younique gave me amazing coverage and the pop that I prefer with my eyes, however, the fibers kept falling into my eyes all day even though I sealed them as directed.  Also, The lashes were heavy, and felt a little like moth wings to me.

Because I have allergies, the dust fibers made my eyes red and irritated after 3 hours. I kept them on for 8 and tried not to rub them.  Another person might have had a completely different experience.

Next Big and Daring - 5.99 from Avon

This product gave me long light coverage, built quickly and stayed on for 8 hours without irritating my eyes


Mega Effects was interesting to use.  I was able to get long lashes with a very short time span.  It did as the commercial stated and built quickly and gave me 40% more product.  The wonderbrush bent in many different ways so that (I'm left handed), with my left hand, I got the angles of up and out and then I did not have to contort my body to do the right eye (which usually pulls in towards my nose) and I achieved the up and out with that brush.  It came off easily in the shower
Avon's Super Extend 5.99

Finally, I did a comparison of Younique on my left eye and Avon's Super Extend on my right eye.  The Younique was, for me, too heavy and clumped together so that I had a solid row of lashes rather than the more delicate look I was looking for.  I used the Super Extend on my right eye and I was able to achieve extremely long lashes yet light and not overdone.

For the money, I think the combination of the Big Lash for evening and the Super Extend is what I am looking for.  I would still have 13.00 left versus the Younique 25.00 mascara duo.  Both came off easily with the conditioning make up remover that I love - which never stings my eyes and gives me a clean face ready for my moisturizing face wash.  These are usually 8.00 per bag and many times I can find them for only 4.00

For Waterproof varieties, this MOISTURE EFFECTIVE HYDRA EFACE eye make up remover lotion is very good on eyes, but not so great for the face - It leaves my face feeling coated.  For safety reasons, never try to save money and use Vaseline.  The petroleum products are not healthy for the eye follicles and very often will be the source of styes.  Also, because Vasaline lends itself to using your fingers to dip in and then apply, there is a contamination factor that needs to be considered.  This is usually 4.00 each however, you can stock up when on sale for .99 each


I tried to return the product that I purchased and though I tried to get through to their customer service line many times, I finally got in touch with my"'party giver's" by facebook stalking her the rep who said, "Well, it is passed 14 days now so they may not reimburse you".   And.....they have not.

If I had used any of these products, any Avon Representative would process a return which would give the rep the $ to spend on another product that the customer would like.  As a used make up product, the Representative would not have to return the product and would be instructed to destroy it for health reasons.

For whatever reason you like, the above was a fair review by an Avon Representative.  You would certainly be welcome to use whatever type would be terrific for you!  We hope you will find this informative.

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