Sunday, September 29, 2013

More new Reps to Welcome!

Campaign 21 brings some great new talent and some awesome products!  First - Welcome to Pauline Amezcua, Annette Pittman, Norma Melendez and Sharon Kuhel! 

I love it that most of my unit is going to CELEBRATE THE SEASON - a FREE event at the Marriot in Scottsdale on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 10-2 pm - if you bring someone and they sign up there, they will get a goodie bag of products too!  I am bringing kits so let me know if you have someone who is ready to make some great cash for the Holidays!

If you haven't signed up - call me and I will walk you through it!  480 262 3525

Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome New Reps! - Campaign 20 Results

Welcome to new Representatives - Georgia Foley, Norma Melendez, Sergio Andreas, Elodia Flores and Blaise Meek!
You are all very wise in joining Avon now - the hottest and highest sales margins are always 4th quarter!! With the magic of 3 (giving 3 catalogs away each day and getting 3 emails/phones for your database) your business will soar!


New Units - Mozhay Richmond has a team building under her!  Louisa Smith, Nicole Hamm, Adrienne McDermott, Donna Hernandez and Karen Granlund are the base of her Unit. All you need to be a unit leader is to have 5 first generation orders and your orders included, a total minimum of 1200.00 - Their sales were outstanding this campaign but just shy of 1200 - 1033.05     Ok - team, push your limits and see what you can accomplish.  When Mozhay hits her mark - you will all be invited to a Pizza party at my house and receive a free gift from me.  I look for great things from this team work in 22.



BONUS - BONUS - BONUS - DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION????? - the new bonus program that replaces Believe in Your Success bonus'.  I will have a guest speaker at our Unit Meeting OCTOBER 9, 2013 - WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 7 PM  if you want Avon to give you reps for your are going to want to hear about this - DON'T BE LEFT OUT!!!! My house, casual dress, bring something to take notes!  Refreshments will be served.


CAMPAIGN 20 RESULTS OF HIGH SALES CONTEST.  As you all know, when your order is 100. or more, ON TIME AND PAID ON TIME, you get entered into the High Sales contest.  From that point to the day you get an email saying, "YOU CAN NOW SELL CAMPAIGN 21", you have about 1 week to get additional orders to pump your volume up and try to win the prize.  This past campaign the PRIZE WAS THE PHONE CHARGER IN THE DEMO BOOK!!!




Rachelle joined Avon a few months ago and immediately became a candidate for Unit leader as she signed up her daughter Kat.  Her sales have increased steadily now she just needs 4 more people to achieve Unit Leader.  She started with 395.00 and to ensure her win, pumped up her sales to $451.00

What a tiger!  Way to go Chelley!


Don't forget to read my blog for tips and ideas:

Twitter:  @kdaymayday


For Campaign 21 - RPS 8 (7291 Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, 7295 E Mesa, Chandler, Higley Gilbert) submits on Friday October 4th - Please have your orders in Thursday night or before 9AM our time.


If you don't know what district you are in or what your RPS is, please contact me!





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  • Results as of 9/17
    Campaign Recognition
    Top 10 in Sales   Top Sales Increase   Top 10 Recruits
    1 Karen Meyer $8,765
    2 Tamara Ortiz $8,351
    3 Frona M Willis $7,978
    4 Linda M Scarpone $7,205
    5 Laurel S Bronson $6,645
    6 Jan E Agardy $6,503
    7 Bernadette Shaw $6,309
    8 Cheryl Ardoin $6,063
    9 Linda A Pio $5,980
    10 Teri Morrison $5,954
    1 Karen Meyer $6,702
    2 Bernadette Shaw $2,116
    3 Teri Morrison $1,832
    4 Jan E Agardy $1,672
    5 Cheryl Ardoin $1,384
    6 Ronica Hale $1,276
    7 Teri E Mikita $1,255
    8 Tamara Ortiz $1,232
    9 Lucia H Di-giorgio $1,176
    1 Karen Meyer 13
    2 Tamara Ortiz 11
    4 Frona M Willis 7
    5 Nubia D Garcia 4
    6 Alicia Chavez 4
    7 Cheryl Ardoin 3
    8 Francisca M Martinez 3
    9 Jan E Agardy 2
    10 Bernadette Shaw 2
    Top PC Representatives   Top PC Representatives   Top PC Representatives
    1 Karen Meyer $8,765
    2 Tamara Ortiz $8,351
    3 Frona M Willis $7,978
    4 Linda M Scarpone $7,205
    5 Laurel S Bronson $6,645
    6 Jan E Agardy $6,503
    7 Bernadette Shaw $6,309
    8 Cheryl Ardoin $6,063
    9 Linda A Pio $5,980
    10 Teri Morrison $5,954
    1 Karen Meyer $6,702
    2 Bernadette Shaw $2,116
    3 Teri Morrison $1,832
    4 Jan E Agardy $1,672
    5 Cheryl Ardoin $1,384
    6 Tamara Ortiz $1,232
    7 Jody Freed $897
    8 Frona M Willis $392
    10 Gina S Murdough $49
    1 Karen Meyer 13
    2 Tamara Ortiz 11
    4 Frona M Willis 7
    5 Nubia D Garcia 4
    6 Alicia Chavez 4
    7 Cheryl Ardoin 3
    8 Jan E Agardy 2
    9 Bernadette Shaw 2
    10 Teri Morrison 2
    Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)   Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)   Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
    1 Shelley A Pulve $4,676
    2 Lois Jeanne Johnson $3,473
    3 Jo Ann Gardner $3,438
    4 Teresa Haaser $3,301
    5 Eleanor Richart $3,230
    7 Francisca M Martinez $2,982
    9 Gloria R Yazzie $2,888
    10 Anel R Castilleja $2,881
    1 Ronica Hale $1,276
    2 Teri E Mikita $1,255
    3 Lucia H Di-giorgio $1,176
    5 Julie Soward $1,154
    6 Lois Jeanne Johnson $986
    7 Sally J Gonzales $978
    8 Anel R Castilleja $894
    10 Cheryl Prather $772
    1 Francisca M Martinez 3
    2 Shelley A Pulve 2
    3 Ryan Dimarino 2
    4 Cherie R Lough 1
    5 Pamela S Coffman 1
    Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)       Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
    1 Jamila Z Still $3,842
    2 Marcela Herrera $2,091
    3 Marietta L Carrell $1,939
    4 Arthur H Jones $1,727
    5 Cecilia Lopez $1,647
    6 Melissa Richardson $1,297
    7 Ashley Lowe $1,276
    8 Mark D Brown $1,221
    9 Jesus N Gonzalez $1,139
    10 Latressa R George $1,075
    1 Marietta L Carrell 1
    2 Melissa Richardson 1
    3 Vadis E Bonner 1
    FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.
    Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader
    Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC
    Avon Representative -
    Shop my site!  Ask me how to get a great discount!
    480 262 3525
    To sign up to become a Representative: use reference code: kmeyer2352

    Invoice help or Customer Service: 1 513-551-2866
    Servicio al Cliente: 1- 513-551-40000
    Missing Order: 1-888-540-2866
    leadership Desk: 1-800-548-5690
    Beauty Adviser Help: 1-888-340-2866
    Fund-Raiser: 1-800-318-1399
    Internet Issues: 1-888-514-2866
    Product Information 1-800-445-2866
    QuikPay Support: 877-784-5729
    Pay your account by debit or credit: 1-800-782-7591

    "You will come to know, that what appears today to be a sacrifice, will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." (Gordon B. Hinckley)

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - we are helping Teresa Collins in her fight!


    With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are helping Teresa Collins in her fight.  Please help us help Teresa.  She has been fighting breast cancer since 2007.  She has no insurance and no money for medications or chemo.  She is running out of resources so I told her about how we could band together as a community and help her.

    If you want to help Teresa, go to my site:
    then look under my picture for the words SHOP MY ONLINE EVENTS
    register or login and start shopping.  The Coupon AF00FIGHTCANCER will automatically pop in and you will get free shipping direct to your doorstep when you order over 30.00.

    With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are helping Teresa Collins in her fight. Please come to my site and click on ONLINE EVENTS - the coupon will automatically kick in and she will receive 15% from me for every $ that you spend.

    You will have what you want from AVON, whether it be for your home, family or a gift for a friend, and she will also benefit. Thank you for Helping!


    Tuesday, September 17, 2013


    WELCOME NEW REPS - Nicole Hamm, Louisa Smith, Adrienne McDermott, Donna Hernandez and Karen Granlund!  These are Mozhay Richmond's new reps - someone is on track to win a coffeemaker!  Keeping our fingers crossed, Mozhay!!!

    All reps make sure you place your orders on time this Friday and pay the bill before October 4th please!


     Those of us in the Mesa-Tempe-Scottsdale area will be submitting our order for 20 by 9 am on Friday  morning which is Noon Eastern time.   Let's try to get our orders in on Thursday night so you are not panicked on the way to work in the morning.  If you forget one item, you can add it no problem BEFORE 9 am and they won't charge you to add it.



    It's easy to train your customers to turn in their orders on time.  Let them know that you start processing your orders every other Wednesday and send them an email reminder on Tuesdays.  You can put reminders in your phone to do this.



    Our Campaign 19 was a little low and high on past due amounts, so I need to ask you to make sure that you are not ordering too many demos that you can't pay your bill on time, or that you don't spend your customer's money before you give it to Avon.  Make sure you take the MONEY MANAGEMENT training class online for some amazing tips on how to be successful at this.




    Come to the IHOP on Dobson/202 tomorrow WEDNESDAY at 1:30 and they will give us numbers of people who are interested in selling Avon to call.


    Earlier this week, I sent you a model of how we look for Avon Events - a lot of people stop us and ask for books, samples and we make new friends.  Sometimes they decide to become Representatives.  This Sunday from 1:30 to 5:00 I will be at Fiesta Mall on the lower level with the DJ and Entertainment area.  I will give you an apron - just wear a white, hot pink or black top and black slacks.  Get dolled up and let's sell some magic!!!



    See you this week - Remember - every Tuesday night I am here at MCDONALDS Riverview at the 202/Dobson from 7-8:30 signing up and helping reps enter their orders. Come on down!!!

    Representative Tip blog: 


    Love ya,

    Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader


    Monday, September 16, 2013

    WHY give our families candy for fundraisers when you can have this - and make 9.00/each item?

    Marble the MonkeyIt’s time to go back to school, and time for fundraisers!
    Let me help your school or group with your fundraising needs. Marbles the Monkey fundraiser can earn $9 for each little cuddly monkey sold for your organization. Contact me for the details on this and other easy Avon fundraiser options: 480-262-3525