Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your little ones because they grow up too quickly!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why did the Ex-Convict want to become an Avon Rep?........wait for it.....

wait for it......because he wanted to start ANEW.  We are all getting the chance to start ANEW with a New Year and a new attitude on skin management.  There is something really special that is ready to come out and I've got the secret about it!  It's fabulous!!!

Introducing....INFINITE LIFT!

Start the New Year right with Anew's INFINITE LIFT - You are going to want to call me to pre-order this - it is going to be hot hot hot!!!
 In years past, we have seen Anew come through with all their promises - my skin was healed by the early Alpha Hydroxy Acid formulas after a major burn.  We have seen the effects of PRO LINE ERASER change lives within 4 days to 2 weeks showing 100% results in 100 women.  We have seen the effects of ABSOLUTE EVEN, as it diminishes freckles, liver spots, age spots, acne scars, you name it, it fixes it.  Now Infinite Lift will help with these areas:

Lift targeted cContouring Serum is a serum with a pharmaceutical-grade skin tightner that is inspired by the latest multidimensional visible face-lifting technologies and provides fast-acting results!

Here is what it can do!

  • Provides a multidimensional lifted look where you need it most
  • Targets cheks, chin, jawline andjowls;
  • Breakthrough massaging roller applicator allows product to be absorbed quickly for an instant lifting sensation
  • Formula with patent-pending PolyPeptide Lift Complex is designed to counteract the look of sagging right at home.
I have already taken my BEFORE picture and am right here standing in line waiting for my preferred preview as a Representative.  As a new rep, you will get 2 full size serums, valued at 39.99 each, 10 Anew Clinical infinite lift Samples, regular 3.00 each for a box of 5, 2 free Anew Platinum day cream broad Spectrum SPF 25 try it Sizes, Each .5 fl oz regular cost for that is 12.00; 1 essential skin care guide and 1 education card.  Participate in this Preferred Preview and BE FIRST to learn how to be a guest in a video hosted by Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Consulting Dermatologist for Avon.

Make sure that you go to your PROFILE and click YES for Preferred Preview right away and you will get the 103.98 valued package for only 39.99

If you are NOT a Representative and WANT to become one, join my team for the lifetime fee of 10.00 and you will be in our beauty club of Representatives in the know!  For more information - sign up here: and use my code:  KMEYER2352  

I want you on my team - we are going to look even more fabulous that we do now for our age!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 Congratulations to all our Reps on a great Campaign.  The Holiday schedule helps customers who want to order right up till the last minute.  Sometimes additional orders are frowned upon by reps because they incur an additional fee, however, this time of year, representatives who bend the rules for customers who waited too long are appreciated and remembered.  So, if you place your order, and the next regular submission is AFTER Christmas, consult your holiday schedule to see if you can place an additional order to help your customer out.

"Making your customer look good to others, only reflects light on your ability to find a need and fill it!" ~ Me!






Cynthia is a positive, goal oriented mother, who always has a laugh to spare - such a joy to talk to!  I appreciate your efforts on our team's behalf!


1st PLACE - ARIZONA REPS  $331.00




Shelley has had her hands full these past weeks while planning her wedding for this week - Congratulations to Shelley and Kevin...Now if she can do that AND rake in 331.00 in sales, there is no excuse for any of us to slack off!


KERRY BLAIR - 331.00

Kerry is a new Rep - on her very first order, she has 331.00 - which of course, as a new rep, she reaps the benefits of 40% on all those Avon made items!  Way to go Kerry - looks who's got money for presents this Holiday Season!  Kerry also is an Contributing Editor for several book companies as well as a busy well known author.  So ditto on the ability to write, edit AND sell AVON!  My hat is off to you!


Goodies are in the mail today for you girls!





Welcome to: Dina Diaz who already has 1 new rep - Isabella Vita, which makes her a Candidate for Unit Leader
Michelle Tenorio - Campaign 1


Welcome to Michelle Davis, who joins Lola Porter's team for Campaign 26




Jennifer LeGree and Fayrene Rogers




(you can always check this by going to Community - my District - recognition  on your web system)


Note - our Shelley Pulve is #1 Non President's Club -Top Established Rep.  Shelley now has 6 people in her unit and we expect a UL title very soon.

Lola Porter now has 3 people in her unit.


Results as of 12/11
Campaign Recognition

Top 10 in Sales   Top Sales Increase   Top 10 Recruits
1 Karen Meyer $14,045
2 Frona M Willis $12,692
3 Tamara Ortiz $12,561
4 Linda M Scarpone $11,056
5 Bernadette Shaw $10,266
6 Laurel S Bronson $10,126
7 Linda A Pio $9,874
8 Cheryl Ardoin $9,474
9 Kathy Bauman $9,237
10 Ruth A Springer $9,135
1 Karen Meyer $9,110
2 Bernadette Shaw $3,418
3 Cheryl Ardoin $1,952
4 Jody Freed $1,933
5 Teri Morrison $1,669
6 Amapola Loya-mundo $1,522
7 Rodney J Kitchen $1,461
8 Lois Jeanne Johnson $1,452
9 Lucia H Di-giorgio $1,449
10 Blanca Rodriguez $1,339
1 Karen Meyer 23
2 Tamara Ortiz 15
4 Cheryl Ardoin 9
5 Frona M Willis 7
6 Alicia Chavez 7
7 Nubia D Garcia 4
8 Francisca M Martinez 4
9 Teri Morrison 3
10 Ryan Dimarino 3
Top PC Representatives   Top PC Representatives   Top PC Representatives
1 Karen Meyer $14,045
2 Frona M Willis $12,692
3 Tamara Ortiz $12,561
4 Linda M Scarpone $11,056
5 Bernadette Shaw $10,266
6 Laurel S Bronson $10,126
7 Linda A Pio $9,874
8 Cheryl Ardoin $9,474
9 Kathy Bauman $9,237
10 Ruth A Springer $9,135
1 Karen Meyer $9,110
2 Bernadette Shaw $3,418
3 Cheryl Ardoin $1,952
4 Jody Freed $1,933
5 Teri Morrison $1,669
6 Frona M Willis $1,065
7 Gina S Murdough $472
8 Tamara Ortiz $368
9 Cleo Commons $342
10 Beth A Brezinski $84
1 Karen Meyer 23
2 Tamara Ortiz 15
4 Cheryl Ardoin 9
5 Frona M Willis 7
6 Alicia Chavez 7
7 Nubia D Garcia 4
8 Teri Morrison 3
9 Bernadette Shaw 2
10 Dawn K Seagren 2
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)   Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)   Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1 Shelley A Pulve $7,270
2 Lois Jeanne Johnson $6,063
3 Gabriela Duran $5,266
4 Teresa Haaser $5,112
6 Jo Ann Gardner $5,071
7 Jodie F Anderson $4,826
8 Eleanor Richart $4,674
9 Jamila Z Still $4,637
10 Roberta L Hunt $4,473
1 Amapola Loya-mundo $1,522
2 Rodney J Kitchen $1,461
3 Lois Jeanne Johnson $1,452
4 Lucia H Di-giorgio $1,449
5 Blanca Rodriguez $1,339
8 Sally J Gonzales $1,261
9 June Kinsley $1,122
10 Teri E Mikita $1,100
1 Francisca M Martinez 4
2 Ryan Dimarino 3
3 Shelley A Pulve 2
4 Lola L Porter 1
5 Cherie R Lough 1
6 Pamela S Coffman 1
7 Melissa Richardson 1
8 Vadis E Bonner 1
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)       Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1 Denise Russell $3,949
2 Ashley Lowe $3,454
4 Arthur H Jones $3,149
5 Patricia Ramirez $1,885
8 Valeria A Escalante $1,649
9 Heather E Montez $1,414
1 David A Douglas 3
2 Ashley Lowe 2
3 Velesha E Hopper 1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.


Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC

Avon Representative -

Shop my site!  Ask me how to get a great discount!

480 262 3525

To sign up to become a Representative: use reference code: kmeyer2352

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Avon Baskets are blessings at Holiday time!

Every year, my heart goes out to those who can't be with their families.  When friends fail us, grow apart from us, move away, we always have our families who will be with us for eternity.  So it really tugs at my heartstrings when I hear of someone missing out on those happy moments around a dinner table or tree.

I urge you, as my Representatives, to go to the Goodwill and pick up at least one basket.  Put your book (campaign 1 or 2) with your name on it on the bottom of the basket,  use shredded paper wrapped in colored tissue paper (.99) at the ole' 99 cent store for the base.  Then add some products, maybe a lotion, lip balm, shower gel, body spray.  It might cost you total of 2.00 for the basket and a few dollars for the products.  Use Saran Wrap to dress it and give it a bow and a little card.  You can carry this in your car until you see or visit someone you are inspired to give it to.

Your kindness and generosity will make someone's Holiday experience and they will feel loved.  If you are someone who is suffering from being away from your family, all the more reason to do this.
When we serve our neighbor, we lose ourselves in the service to each other.  You will feel amazing!

That is my Holiday message to you.  Avon is the ultimate community enrichment because you reach out to people who are shut in, have no car, and they need you. Be a listening ear, be a beacon of light to those who are suffering.  Stepping away from the hustle and bustle and craziness of the malls will do your heart and soul good.

Happy Holidays - drive safely - let someone else drive - and....ha ha and all I want for Christmas is for you to pay your bills on time ;).

Love all my reps!

Karen Meyer, Avon Unit Leader
Certified ELITE Coach and Mentor

Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Avon lady sits on Santas knee at the Mall and says..l

  • Santa, I am not sure I can afford it, I just know I want ANEW....
  • Santa, knowing everyone looks to him as a mind reader...thinks, "A new what? - The real Santa would know, of course".....
  • He wisely turns to her and says, "Then give me your old "has been""....
  • She smiles and gets down and goes home.
  • She drags her husband out of his lazy boy and says, "Come on honey, let's go to the Mall"
  • Morale of the story - Women will do anything to look good!   But sometimes we only hear what we want to hear.  We want to look younger but the secret is that Men want to look younger too!  That is why the new ANEW with SPF 50 is going to be such a top seller.  Men are using it too!  It protects from Sun, Wind burn, Dry harsh Winter air, pollution side effects.  Just think about it for a minute.  If you want to burn a lettuce leaf, what must you do first - take out all the moisture.  So it makes sense that our delicate skin must always be hydrated, not just to keep from feeling dry, but that is our first defense against sunburn.
  • The gal in this joke wasn't sure that she could afford the ANEW products, but she can - everyone can at 40% off.  For a lifetime membership, it's only 10.00 then you get your Avon products which are made in the largest Research and Development Lab at 40% off.
  • I hope you will try this new amazing product.  After two surgeries this year for basal cell, I am kicking myself for not listening to my mother when I was a child and not using sun screen then when I was a young mother I should have used more moisturizer.  Now, at 60, after using the products for 20 years, I just don't have the wrinkles that other 60 year old women have but I do have the problems from the past which are starting to resurface.  I know 5 men who are using the ANEW products and seeing great effects.
  • Call me today and let's get you a sample! or come to my website and place an order.  If you want to enjoy 40% off - go to and enter my RESOURCE CODE:  kmeyer2352