Sunday, December 1, 2019



When my kids were a little, on New Year’s Eve we had a tradition that I called “love gifts” and that was a slip paper that everybody fills out for another person. So if there are 7 in your family. each person should get at least six messages. I made a wall hanging with little compartments with zippers, like mailboxes. The children would write down with kindness or act of service that they were willing to do and commit to for the next year for that person. It might be “Daddy,I am going to shine your shoes every Saturday for one year.” Or “Suzy, I promise not to play with your toys unless you say it’s OK.”
Anyway, when I left my 1st husband, in 2007 I took only the things I had purchased myself or made and forgot to get that cute wall hanging. Last night, I created one for my daughter, hubby, and kids. It’s So much fun to sit around drinking Martinelli’s and eating homemade cinnamon rolls on New Year’s Eve and listening to them read the little notes.. I thought I would share this family tradition with you. A lot of families are looking for a tradition that they can adopt and this is certainly a good one. Doing this, helps them realize the reason for the season, showing gratitude for others and helps the children relate to others by giving service.

click on link for directions in the form of PDF

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