Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not many people know that Avon has its roots deeply entrenched in Americana and Entrepreneurship

I love this story and I never get tired of telling it! I tell it the way one of my Aunts told me, because my Aunt Isabel (of Tucson) was an Avon Lady after she won Miss Arizona in 1930 at 15 years old.
 Isabel - Avon Lady

It starts back shortly after the Civil War......

below is the Avon story - David McConnell fancied himself to be a great novelist and book salesman- he decided that in 1886 (20 years after the Civil War) that he was going to go door to door in rural New York and try to sell his books.

 In those days, 34 years before women could vote, or purchase property, it was inappropriate for a woman to invite a man into her home without a proper chaperone. She was mostly there with her children trying to run the farm themselves after possibly losing her husband in the War. 

 Charles literally "could not get his foot in the door," and that is probably where that phrase came from. He went back to his office thinking, "Perhaps we need to have women selling to women?" So he hired Mrs. PFE Albee; a 50 year old woman, who began "peddling his books", via bicycle, walking and trolley.

 Not having telephones, people never knew when someone was coming, they always kept their parlor presentable and clean in the event someone dropped by. That's something that is still done today!

phones as we know them were invented 1876

 The people loved being visited by Mrs. Albee and when she would leave, she would ask, "Well, how many novels would you like?" The ladies would say, "Well, we don't want the books, but please come back and visit us again". With that she returned with her advice to Mr. McConnell. Since his partner would send him flowers and essences for his hobby of Perfume making, she said, "We need them to turn the pages as we talk, so let's put some of your perfume samples in the leaves of the books!"

 Going back to visit, they were eager to see her again and more excited about the fragrances and enthusiastically turned the pages. We do this today - you will find samples on each page! At the end of the visit, she would say, "How many books would you like?" Their reply would again be, "Well, none, but please come back again!". As she would smile and turn towards the door, one suddenly asked, ".....but how much for the perfume?" She smiled and turned back, not expecting this question, she held out her hand and said, "10 cents, please!"

 I love that story because it embodies community, entrepreneurship, independent thinking and success - this is everything we try to incorporate!

 This is from "(The company newsletter was even called the “Family Album.”) In one of his regular letters to Representatives, he wrote: “All success lies in one’s self and not in external conditions. … Misfortunes are only a discipline, and there are possibilities which often are awakened by them which suggest to us the power and strength we possess, that perhaps otherwise would never have been recognized.” No wonder the Representative ranks rose to 5,000 in just 13 short years."

Join my team and let's give you the life you are deserving of...You can become independent, strong and financially sound.  It starts with  making friends, wanting to help people take better care of their skin, and frankly, getting paid to do so!

Sign up here where it says, Become an Avon Rep!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Campaign #21 - Results for Our Unit and Our District 7291

Results from Campaign 21

Campaign 21 introduced our newest lash secret - Big and False Mascara
It goes on very thick, for extra dramatic looks, use 3 coats.
It's been very popular!  When someone comes aboard on my team, I am going to make sure they get one for free in their kit.


Alicia Maria Lozano - CA  Oct 15
Lisa Loe - AZ - Oct 17
Relda Quinn - AZ Oct 19
Marisela Castro - AZ Oct 23

Ginger Porter - HI - October 17
Shelley Warren - MD - October 18

New Reps
Karina Garcia - Scottsdale - +186.00
Marisela Castro - Scottsdale
Alexandra Facio - PHX

Top Internet Sales

Kimberly Wants to be in Leadership - She signed her friend Renee!!

Kimberly Davis - Mesa, AZ
Can't wait to see her first order in #23
Her new Rep is Renee Sabori, Mesa AZ
Can't wait to see her first order in #23

Mary Sanford
Top #1 Sales in our Unit
Mary is also consistently #1 and #2 in her District for
Cumulative sales for New Reps.  She talks the talk and walks the walk!
Thank you for listening to your Mentors, Mary - IT SHOWS!!!

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*
When you reach 65,000 per year, the David O McConnell Club, every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 50% discount for the entire year


925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%
When you reach Rose Circle 35,000 in one campaign yearly cycle - every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 45% discount for an ENTIRE year.


440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
President's Club winners get 40% all year long once they get to 10,000 in sales in a calendar year.
Karen Meyer, Scottsdale, AZ  715.00 - 45% Rose Circle discount ALL YEAR
(I never count my sales in the contests because this blog is all about YOU)

Mary Sanford, Phoenix (near Happy Valley Road) AZ 529.00

295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%
Donna Hernandez, Chandler, AZ 358.00
Now you are cooking!
Shelley A Warren, Maryland 351.00 (Shelley gets 40% all year for being in the President's Club)

150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% -
Relda Quinn, Chandler, AZ 243.00
Sylvia Rodriguez, Phoenix, AZ 212.00
Maria Alicia Lozano, Ventura, CA 191.00
Martha Lynn Sheffield, AZ   191.00

50.00 - 149.99  - Earnings 20%
20% just covers your shipping fee - let's get you some $$$$$
Donna Hernandez Chandler, AZ $136.00
Debbie Goddard, Tempe, AZ  121.00
Marlo Sexton,  Scottsdale AZ 120.00
Charlene Johnson Mesa, AZ  107.00
Paula Radamaker, Mesa, AZ  $99.00
Marilyn Sprinzl, Mesa, AZ  87.00
Sylvia Rodriguez, Tucson, AZ  52.00 - WAY TO GO YOU HIT THE HOT SPOT!! 20% INSTEAD OF 0%

0-  50.00  - Earnings 0%
Call me to discuss how we can get you more sales and more customers - 
 let's get you some $$$$$
Thanks for staying in the game - always order books/samples
if you are not going to place an order.

The highlighted names are people from our Unit!  Note our Top person in the District is Relda Quinn!  Relda came from Michigan.  She used to sell Avon there and was a 5x President's Club Member.  She is a great asset to our team.  She has done events at her apartment complex and people at work know who to go to for Avon.  Congratulations Relda!  Well Done!

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Results as of 10/13
Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in SalesTop Sales IncreaseTop 10 Recruits
1Karen Meyer$16,830
2Jody Freed$13,643
3Cheryl Ardoin$11,892
4Linda A Pio$11,663
5Linda M Scarpone$11,131
6Dolly Aspeytia$11,035
7Marylee Asay$10,403
8Kathy Bauman$10,216
1Dolly Aspeytia$3,180
3Marylee Asay$2,888
4Teresa Haaser$2,822
5Angela K Mcghee$2,816
6Nubia D Garcia$2,306
7Sylvia J Squire$2,264
9Marilyn J Gavin$1,865
1Dolly Aspeytia83
2Karen Meyer31
4Cheryl Ardoin6
5Lori Acierto5
6Ryan Dimarino4
7Angela K Mcghee2
8Tamara Ortiz2
9Marina Santa-cruz2
10Jody Freed1
Top PC RepresentativesTop PC RepresentativesTop PC Representatives
1Karen Meyer$16,830
2Jody Freed$13,643
3Cheryl Ardoin$11,892
4Linda A Pio$11,663
5Linda M Scarpone$11,131
6Dolly Aspeytia$11,035
7Marylee Asay$10,403
8Kathy Bauman$10,216
1Dolly Aspeytia$3,180
2Marylee Asay$2,888
3Angela K Mcghee$2,816
4Kathy Bauman$1,542
5Judy F Whallon$1,114
6Cheryl Ardoin$897
7Linda M Scarpone$229
8Linda A Pio$51
9Lois Jeanne Johnson$27
1Dolly Aspeytia83
2Karen Meyer31
3Cheryl Ardoin6
4Angela K Mcghee2
5Tamara Ortiz2
6Jody Freed1
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Nubia D Garcia$8,052
2June Kinsley$7,065
3Teresa Haaser$6,862
4Marilyn J Gavin$5,583
5Beverly C Small$5,478
6Joyce White$5,245
8Beth A Brezinski$5,099
9Linda S Zepeda$5,036
10Christina L Navarro$4,993
2Teresa Haaser$2,822
3Nubia D Garcia$2,306
4Sylvia J Squire$2,264
6Marilyn J Gavin$1,865
8June Kinsley$1,518
9Joyce White$1,295
10Carla Summers$1,219
2Lori Acierto5
3Ryan Dimarino4
4Marina Santa-cruz2
5Suzan Price1
7Yesenia Alvarez1
8Betsy Ponce1
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1Relda M Quinn$2,034
3Amanada M Alexander$1,643
5Monica Whittinghill$895
6Rebecca Vercruyssen$888
7Gloria Turner$780
8Marjorie Lucas$744
9Christina I Castillo$684
10Emily Crawford$677
1Catherine W Long1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.