Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Recruiting secret sauce for Avon

First you need to know how exhilarating it is to meet new people and make new friends. Think about that instead of "recruiting". Know in your heart that these actions and goals set forth can and will change lives for the better.
Script for Make Over - new lead -
Hi Sandy, this is Karen.
I am a unit leader with Avon here in (her area) the Mesa area. I just got a message that you are looking for a home based business. I raised 5 kids as an Avon Rep so Avon will work for you too! I am so excited to meet you! I get to be the one who does your training, which will only take about an hour of your time. Oh' by the way, I will need your hair color and eye color so that when I bring your free make over kit, I have the perfect colors for you! Please call or text me your availability. 480-262-3525 - Oh before I forget - When you call me, tell me at least one of your favorite Avon products. I will check to see that I have it in stock. I'll put it in your special kit I made just for you..

Psychological phrasing - never say If you are interested - If means you don't expect them to call. Use WHEN YOU CALL..... WHEN YOU TEXT ME... I used this in raising kids too - When you clean your room you get to.....
You get to is more fun than you have to.
. Subliminal suggestions: I was in the same boat....AVON WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO!.
mini makeover kit of lots of samples- they have to call you to give you their hair and eye color..
Hook = free product - this is cheap and worth the gas and time to bring it if they are going to sign..
I was giving out those black make up bags with travel samples and mascara, eye liner, eye shadow samples, blush samples, cleanser samples from Mark, and a real lipstick. I still give out the samples, However, now I save the make up bag or something special for when they place their first order on time and pay it ontime. Tell them that this can be theirs the day they submit their first order of 100.00 or more..because with anyone, when they earn it, they appreciate it more.
For a Male or Couple or someone who signed up for a Home Based Business: Hi - (name) I have a message here that you are interested in starting your own homebased business? Is that right?.
- Yes.
Let me just get the picture to see if you qualify - you want business where you can be your own boss?.
- Yes.
You don't want to punch a time clock?. - Right.
You want to set your own hours?. - Yes.
You would love it if you woke up one morning to find someone had placed an order on your website while you were sleeping?. - uh.....yeahhhhhh!.
You enjoy talking to people?.
Good - are you familiar with the term Social Media?. - Yes, I'm on Facebook and MySpace.....
That's awesome - we have apps for over 18 different social media for you to advertise your business!. -ok good.
Just wondering - what would you normally think it would cost to start your own business?. - About 500.00? So You could appreciate having a 6 billion dollar company backing you with state of the art online training that you could do while you relax in your recliner with your feet up? - Wow - yes! Well I happen to have all those luxuries, and it's tied to an amazing company called Avon.. - really?.
Yes -You know lots of men, women and even couples are enjoying the idea they can start their own home business for only 10.00 and have their website up and running within 24 hours. When would you like to meet? I have Wednesday at noon open or Thursday at 6 PM. how about now......
Remember.... No one can lay you off except yourself...walk boldly towards your dream, never deviating from tasks that will make you successful. Watch my EXCUSES video - I think you will enjoy it Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC Avon Representative - http://youravon.com/kmeyer2352 Shop my site! Ask me how to get a great discount! 480 262 3525

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