Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This is the hour....

Everyone has two basic opinions about the New Year, either it's:
1) "I never keep my resolutions, so why bother?"
2) "I am so excited to start fresh with a New Year on my career".

Resolutions are important because they motivate you, keep you going, and help you become accountable to someone....You!


The history of Celebrating New Years and Resolutions was The earliest recorded festivities in honor of a new year’s arrival date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. (  Sometimes there is traditional food involved, or promises to do better at something.  The most common one is diet.  It is also the most broken resolution!  It takes 21 days to create a habit, so I want you to give this a try.  Just do the things I have asked you to do every day for 21 days and prove to me that it doesn't work.  You won't be able to - you will become a success in spite of your trying not to be!!

The question I need to ask myself, is, "Am I doing my best?  Could I do better?"

These are some tips for success

Upside to selling Avon:1. Low start up cost: immediate signup online for only $15.00 to start. Just go to and look for the Believe box - click it and you will see that it lists me as your resource code.  Voila! You will be on my team!2. No minimum sales requirements for each campaign. A campaign is a 2 week period. However, you want to try for a minimum of 8 orders so that your commission isn't consumed by the 5.95 handling and  tax on your orders.3. Avon is a recognized name throughout the world. This means you don't have to convince people about the quality of the products or the 100% product guarantee.
4. You can utilize the aid of,, or who will all give you a free credit card slider device.  When you take your customer's order, the money is put into your business checking account so you can pay for all the products in advance - no orders will ever be on hold.
5. No required inventory - Instead, concentrate on selling and sharing Avon s opportunity with others for faster success.
6. Make your own hours - Be there when the kids get home from school, or launch a full-time business, it's up to you.
7. There are orphaned customers; they no longer have an Avon rep to order from, and believe me, there are lots of them!
8.  When you focus on giving service to others, you will be really rewarded emotionally, that you were able to deliver products to someone without a car, who is too sick to go to the store, or who works all day and is exhausted.
9. It's fun to receive your order from Avon and share it with your customers!  I always feel like Santa Claus when I open the boxes.10.  You can enjoy the many deductions afforded to those who employ a home based business. (Please talk to your tax person to see how many you qualify for).

One of my District Sales Managers did a very wise thing.  Last year on December 30, she had us all write down what or who we wanted to become exactly a year from then.  As I was writing this, I was hearing negative self talk, "Yeah - like you could go that high! Good luck!"
So here goes - here is my list
1) Make President's club - short season goal was 7,000
I made that goal by June.
2) Make Honor Society - short season goal was 14,500
I made that goal while I was in Orlando, FL on a 100% paid trip. 
3) Earn a trip to Florida
All I had to do was have 10 new reps, and 4 candidates.
I over shot the goal - 17 new Reps and 6 new candidates
4)  Make Rose Circle - before campaign 26
During Campaign 25, I went up to 28,000+
5) Travel more with my husband
We flew to California 3 times this year and recruited/trained reps.
6) Give back and Serve my representatives more and others.
I taught the Skin Care class to 7041 in California and prepared a powerpoint to help my new Reps get up to speed on the new skin care products.

Am I bragging?  Absolutely not.  I am actually shocked that the experiment worked.  From the list, we were supposed to make a dream board, showing where we have been, where we are and what we want to accomplish.
1                                3
2                             4
 Starting from 1 left to 2 down lower left then  3 upper right and 4 lower right.  
7 years ago, I came from an abusive marriage and found my high school sweetheart.  We married and I moved to Arizona.  I didn't know anyone and was still too traumatized to make a lot of friends.  I decided to focus on my music and scrapbooking, and crocheting.  When I was bored with that, I rejoined Avon.
Within 2 years, I had recruited over 170 people, of course, not all are active now, as Avon is the perfect company to drift in and out of based on timing.  It works best when you focus on becoming a leader - so I did!  Knowing that all my kids are safe now, is a blessing.  I feel happy and free from burdens.  I try to win every challenge - just to see if I can.  I absolutely love it when some of my reps really put forth the effort and I can sit back and watch their pride grow from winning prizes.  I rewarded some of those with a gift basket and a raffle sign so that they could get more customers, holding raffles

Those scrapbooking supplies came in handy!!!

So what if you didn't make your goal last year.  Try again.  Begin again.  Call me and make an appointment to come over and make some Avon signs or train with me.  I am here for you.  80% of success is measured in just showing up!
So call me and show up!  480 262 3525

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Campaign #26 results for Our Team, Our District, Our Division UPDATED 12-29 plus New Representatives!

May all the joys and Heavenly Father's richest blessings be upon you and your family this Holiday Season and may he hold them in the palm of his hands until you can be with them again.
L-R Katie, Wren, Charlie, David, Bride Valerie, McKinley

 I feel like he has been holding my daughter, son in law and Granddaughter close.  We had some scares this year with  newlywed Valerie and her husband  being in an accident coming home from Thanksgiving - hitting black ice at 80 mph and flipping off a bridge 7 times, landing upside down with a punctured lung.  She had to be cut out of the car, but she will be fine.  My little Granddaughter McKinley was diagnosed with Spitzoid Melanoma.  She had the tumor removed and they reconstructed her ear and took 8 lymph nodes.  It has a 40% chance of coming back but her first PET scan or MRI showed it was clear.  So we can breathe until the next test in 6 months.  So I would like to thank you all for your kind words and prayers for them.

Wishing you an amazing Holiday Season with your friends and family.  It is such a privilege and pleasure to know you all and be a part of your lives.  I am grateful for this type of job that lets me serve people, work out of my home, help people achieve their goals and NOT have to punch a time clock.  Your time is your own, you work your own hours and days.  Conversely speaking, when you don't put the time into this business, you sell yourself short and fail to succeed.  There is a saying, "The only place Success comes before Work, is in the Dictionary!"  That is so true.  Vince Lombardi sold Avon?  No, but the principles of success can apply to every walk of life.
There are no magic words to give you the money for your goal.  No pulling rabbits out of a jar of ANEW ;)  
If you would like a daily calendar that helps you put your best foot forward daily towards your goal, try my calendar for success.  You may have to adjust it for your own Mail Plan Submission Day.  I have Representatives all over the United States and we all submit our orders on different days, but the principles and ideas never change.


Winner of the Make Up Pallette


Donna Enas, Scottsdale, Az
Jaqualine Rowe, Prescott Valley, AZ
Sylvia Rodriguez, Tucson, AZ
Carmen Licano, Mesa, Az
Breeann Fisher, Scottsdale, AZ
Sabryna Anderson, Mesa, Az
Winona Choyou, Mesa, AZ

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*

925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%

440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
$400 - $700 = 50 star winners 
Marisela Castro - 544
Shelley Warren 400

295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%
Star winners $100 - $399 =  10 star winners
$400 - $700 = 50 star winners

Donna Hernandez - 381
Marlo Sexton - 330
Martha Sheffield - 322

150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% -
Star Winners are $100 - $399 - = 10 star winners

Laura Brown - Robinson  265
Maria Lozano 249
Pamela Begay 211
Denika Cuellar 199
Sabryna Anderson 160

50.00 - 149.99 - Earnings 20%
100.00 - 399 = 10 star winners
Mary Ann Fretz  149.00 - 1 more dollar could have gotten you 10% more
Kristen Dotts - 140 - 10 more dollars would have put you at 30%
Lilia Sanchez - 137 12 more dollars would have given you 30%
Monica Leon - 137 - 12 more = 30%
Leah Tsosie  135  14.00 more = 30%
Bree Lewis 124
Cindy Edwards 117
Paula Tygret 103
Cynthia Crewdson 101
Shanika Stanley 62.00

00.00 - 49.99 - Earnings 0%
Thank you for ordering books, samples and demos and supplies

Dianna Watt 43.00 7.00 more would have put you at 20% discount
Denika 28.00 Just 21.00 more would have put you at 20%
Angelina Miller $28.00  21 more would have given you 20%
Crystal Webster 23.00 27 more would have given you 20%



- What do you want out of life? Go out and get it!  No one can hand it to you - you need to stretch and you will be proud of what you accomplish.  Stretch and give service to your customers and your life will feel more rewarding and more satisfying.  You always feel better when you do something nice for others.  What comes around goes around.  Don't give up your dreams and don't let others talk you out of your journey.  Surround yourself with positive people and Avon meetings to recharge yourself.  Contact me with questions, needs, marketing ideas, and ideas on how to get more customers and representatives for your team .

If you work hard, I notice.  You will get my attention when I see you are moving towards what you want to capture in this life!  I help everyone, but I especially help those who are trying hard.  It's your choice out there....make it an amazing year!

Love you all!
Karen Meyer

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#25 Campaign Results for our Avon Unit, Avon District 7291, Avon Silver Sands Division

Campaign 25 is done and our team is doing awesome this year going into Campaign 26 with 56,000 plus.  For this campaign, you will want to focus your sales on all the beauty products so that you get double dollars Sales Rewards!In 26, all make up products are given to you at DOUBLE DOLLARS REWARDS!!!!

 We had 3 Candidates for Unit Leader including Chrissy Makewah claiming her title as Unit Leader!

1st place
Chrissy Mahkewah

Among our seasoned reps, we have two winners for the BLING pin!
In our district, I reward those who put in their first 1k - 1000 in cumulative sales!  Well done Ladies!
Monica Leon at 1028.
Dianna Watt at 1009.


Denise Thompson, RPS 1 - Phoenix, AZ
Cindy Edwards - RPS 8 - Tempe, AZ
Lillia Sanchez - RPS 1, Peoria, AZ 
Krystal Begay - RPS 8 - Tempe, AZ
Jennifer Eichman, RPS 8 Mesa, AZ
Mary Ann Fech, RPS 3 Phoenix, AZ
Cynthia Crewdson, RPS 1, Ventura CA
Sabryna Anderson, RPS 8, Mesa, AZ
Jaqualine Rowe,  RPS 8, Prescott Valley, AZ 

Highest New Rep 1st Order
Laura Brown-Robinson
Laura's address stamp has been ordered!

Winner of highest 1st order over 200.00 gets a self inking stamp sent to them by me.

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*

925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%

440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
$400 - $700 = 50 star winners 
Christine Mahkewah  866.00
Karen Meyer 622.00

295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%
Star winners $100 - $399 =  10 star winners
$400 - $700 = 50 star winners
Marlo Seaton 404.00
Alicia Lozano 354.00

150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% -
Star Winners are $100 - $399 - = 10 star winners

Shelley Warren 258.00
Marisela Castro 217.00
Laura Brown-Robinson 215.00
Donna Hernandez 195.00
Monica Leon 165
Paula Tygret - 157 - WAY TO JUMP THE HOT SPOT - EXTRA 10% EARNINGS!!!

50.00 - 149.99 - Earnings 20%
100.00 - 399 = 10 star winners
Gina Marsh 137.00
Cynthia Story 93
Brandon Billingsreber - 77.00
Martha Sheffield - 67

00.00 - 49.99 - Earnings 0%
Thank you for ordering books, samples and demos and supplies
Dianna Watt 43.00
Shanika Stanley 33
Sierra Mitchell 25.0
Paula Radamaker 20
Kristin Dotts 20

Keep up the good work!  Never give up!  Place a picture of your goals on your refrigerator
Make a Dream Board - Everything on my board has come true this year INCLUDING - JUST FOUND OUT - I achieved Rose Circle - needed  to get over  27,500 to achieve that thank you for keeping a good thought for me and having faith that your fearless leader could pull this off!  Set your goals now for 2015.  If you need help, please call me - 

have not been updated by Corporate

(All of Arizona and part of CA to the border)


Sunday, December 7, 2014

You ask Why aren't I making any money?

Things to remember with 
Avon Orders

You ask Why aren't I making any money?  Are you selling  more jewelry, handbags, clothes and shoes than Avon products?  The commission on those is always 20% no matter what the size is.  If you are selling more Avon products, your commission grows with your orders exponentially.

Not Avon products - commission is 20%

All Avon Products made in their laboratories are % earnings by volume

Earnings Chart for Avon

Don't be your own favorite, best Customer!

It's easy to be your own best customer - just place an order for anything you want in your house.  Of course, you have to pay for it 
If you are your own best customer, you pay the entire shipping fee of 6.95 to get your order here from California.  If you have 6 customers - see your order pad.  You charge them .75 each for handling.  You pay no shipping - it is passed on to them.

If you are your own best customer, you pay all the taxes to get our order here from CA - If you charge your customers tax, you pay only tax on your business supplies which you can write off.

That means that if you are your own best customer, you just spent all your commission on shipping and taxes if you only had a 100 order or less.  If you have an order less than 50, you receive no commission and pay all the  taxes and shipping.

Now....wouldn't it make sense to do what I do?

  I keep asking everyone for orders until I get about 15 orders - if I end up with 10, I still walk away with about 250.00 in my pocket.  If the 15 orders average 50 - that commission on 750 would be 30% or equal to my 300.00 car payment.  Don't you deserve a new car?  Step out of your comfort zone and start calling people.  Call me or  read my blog for more ideas on how to get orders.  If you don't show the book, no one will ever order.  If you don't ask, you won't get the order.  If you don't get their email and phone number, you can't follow up.  

You have great promise!  You can do this business and enjoy being home with your family.  I have faith in you.  I can't wait to see what you are going to do this week.  I always post the most recent contests on    Watch tomorrow for an article on how to overcome procrastination in your business.

Love you guys,


P.S.  Work smarter, not harder.  

Call me if you need help I'm always available by cell 480 262 3525

I'm off to Vegas this week - I put reminders on my phone so I know when to call my customers and remind them about an order.  That might help you.  My goal is  Rose Circle so I have been showing the make up, and avon beauty line so I can get double dollars.  I already have my order ready for next Friday - how are you doing?

If you sold Avon before and want to come back or would like to have as much fun as I do, I can get you started!  Call me or go to: and enter my resource code:  kmeyer2352

let's see who wins the Make up Pallete for #26 highest sales!


What is procrastination? 
 It is task avoidance.  It is putting off doing some thing, or performing a task hat may or may not result in success for us.  For some people, procrastination is the bein of their existence.  It rules their life and forces them to make rash decisions at the last minute rather than carefully executed plans.

Why do we procrastinate? 
There are many reasons why we don't do what is going to help us.  The website REALSIMPLE.COM compares Charlie Brown's (comic strip character), who is always having fights with his innerself (those crazy voices we all hear that tell us what to do when...).  They say, "Science explains Charlie Brown’s seesaw sensibility as a fight that is sparked between two parts of the mind when it’s faced with a distasteful activity: a battle of the limbic system (the unconscious zone that includes the pleasure center) and the prefrontal cortex (the internal “planner”). When the limbic system wins, and that’s pretty often, the result is putting off for tomorrow what could (and should) be done today. more on procrastination

Another reason could be...laziness.  We don't have the emotional or physical desire to perform the duty regardless of the promise of success.  Sometimes it is just a matter of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
You really have to want success more than your boss wants it for you....

So how do we hurdle this and make ourselves a success in life instead of using excuses?  I make lists.  A list keeps you focused and on target.  It makes you accountable.  If you don't accomplish what is on your list, you need to analyze why, regroup and try again with a goal of crossing the item off the list.,

In the Avon business or any home business, plans start with the big picture.
1) I want to do better than I did last campaign;  Last time I did _____this time I will do______
2) I want to win an incentive; either have to do 100 in sales or be the highest in my unit in sales.
3) I want to win the dinner at Red Lobster with Karen - I need to recruit more than any other person in my unit by Dec 31
4) I just want to get some products to demonstrate, some books and business supplies so I can have more tax deductions - I know I will have to pay all the shipping and tax but that is all I want to do.

I like to win prizes, so I will do all 4.  How will I accomplish this?
With my #25 order, I received 100 books.  On this day, I will stamp those books and place 2 samples (perfume and 1 lipstick - total expense .62 for catalog and .27 for perfume and lipstick) in a little bag ($.01)
and staple it to the cover.

2) I will keep 2 baskets in my car filled with books
3) I will make up 2 baskets of random products with cello and ribbon (to give out at a doctors office with lots of assistants for filling out a raffle information form)
4) I will keep a box of books in my car just for giving out 3/day and getting 3 addresses and phone numbers for my Web Office Address book so Avon will do all the email marketing leading people to my website.
5)  I will make an entry in my phone for 2 days before my ca mpaign and then repeat that - infinity
6)  I will call all my customers on that day and ask for an order.
7)  I will make an entry in my phone for the day before my campaign to make sure my bill is paid to zero balance - infinity
7)  I will make an entry in my phone for submission day NOON and a reminder for 9 am to make sure my order is in on time to avoid late fees and make sure I am always in compliance so that I qualify to W I N THINGS!

In this business, I'm your Mama - I am successful - do it like I do and you will  be too!