Friday, September 23, 2022

How to find a lost relative during 1840-1930...may have been in an asylum

 Asylums:  INTRODUCTION - WHAT YOU WILL LEARN  Zoom with links to records!AjS2RGb0p-4PqQtTelUzUm41aXkK?e=e8BERN


This is the clickable version with the links to the records!AjS2RGb0p-4PqGjbZl77HRYTCb-B?e=xAjabY




Monday, January 17, 2022

 Dear Customers and Reps,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart, literally, for all your love and support.  It makes me feel really special.  The reason I got into this business was to make some money from home and be independent from my emotionally draining first husband.  You have been my reason for staying.  I also wanted to do something to help the elderly in my community.

So many times, the Avon Rep is one of the only people to come visit shut-ins - This has been a lifeline to them during times of heat, illness and of course, Covid 19, 20, 21, 21 (I hope that covers all variants!)

I enjoy being the smiling face that brings them joy and I hope you enjoy seeing me.  It's been a difficult 2 years and I find myself still in a walker.  

Many of you do not know that last year in Sept 2020 when Covid was first rearing its ugly head, I went into the hospital for hip surgery.  Let me just tell you that I was concerned about catching it there, but they kept everything pristine clean at Osborn and I saw no reason to have fears and trepidations.  Only a month later I developed a 103 fever.

My husband called my doctor and he prescribed a muscle relaxant and an oral anti-biotic and said, "Do not go to the hospital."  He didn't want to catch COVID and did not want to pay again for his whole team to get tested.  I kept on not knowing what was in store.

The pain was so fierce that I could not lift my legs to get in and out of bed.  My husband had to pack me in ice every night so I could get any sleep at all.  In December I started testing again to try to find out why I was having so much pain.  My Ortho physician's office was not very responsive to my pleas for anything to fix the problem or even pain killers.  They only wanted to see me through Zoom.  The pictures of the infectious drainage did not alarm them and they said it was normal.  When I showed the pictures to the physical therapist, the infectious disease doctor and 3 nurses that I know, they all said it was an infection.

Finally, January came and my husband noticed that I was acting illogically.  I did things like put the peanut butter in the Fridge and butter in the cupboard.  I tried to turn off the burglar alarm by holding my key up poised to insert it into the doorbell.  These we real no brainers that something was wrong in my body.  He said, "I'm packing your bag.  Your doctor just told me not to take you to ER."  When I got there they did bloodwork and found that I had Staphlococcus MSSA and would have died if I hadn't come there within the next two hours.  

The infectious disease doctor helped get the original doctor to come back, and redo his work, but he took a shortcut which again proved to be a problem.  The staph was found on the apparatus so they operated and took it out, cleaned it, replaced it and for the next 6 months I was on a PICC line, with my husband giving me injections 4 times per day.  

I got ready to have the 2nd hip done in January of this year and was met with another problem.  I now have arrhythmias and currently am undergoing testing to see what the problem is.  I can't walk across the room without being out of breath.  

I hope you will keep me in your prayers.  I thank God everyday for knowing you and helping you as much as you have helped to keep me in business with Avon. I just recently celebrated my anniversary since joining in 1992.  I won, because of you, the title of Honor Society for sales performance last year.  Thank you again.  I will try harder to keep my site updated.

God bless you!

Karen Meyer

Friday, October 23, 2020

Tips for Success as a Rep - and hints to avoid pitfalls.

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Avon - checklist for success

You have either started your Avon business, or are ready to Start or you just need a shot in the Arm of Avon Vitamins.  That is what I am here for.  
The key is accomplishing repetitive tasks over and over, and only repeating those things that work.
If you aren't getting the customers you want, ask yourself, "How's this technique going for me?" If the answer is "I'm broke and my phone is turned off", then you need a new plan.
Just Stick With IT!

Here are a few things that I do that might help you - no they will help you, but will YOU take the time to make it happen?  Anything worth having in life takes time to incubate.  Successful people take the time to do the right things that will make them a success.  They do the things unsuccessful people won't do.

 If someone says, "NO", don't give up.  If you don't try, you never know what could have been.  Trying is not sitting on the couch waiting for someone to call you.  It won't happen.  You need to set up a schedule and stick to it.  This is tough love lesson #1.....
Download the Square to your phone - get the money for the products up front - pay your bill on time - deliver the products - ba da bing ba da bong.  Just do it - you won't regret it.  No orders on hold. No late orders submitted or paid.

EVERY MORNING - Get up early, get DRESSED as if you are going to work.

No one will ever TELL you how to dress - you need to be Business Casual - I tend to over dress because my customers like it and feel like I dressed up just for them.  Here's an article I wrote on Business Casual

                                                                   **************** from your list of 50 People that you coded are
 1) loving Avon and will help you with an order
 2) Love bling and accessories
3) need money. 

Send them the texts that go with the personality attributes.  Send me a text if you don't have these.   Oh and just for tomorrow, repeat what you did today and then the next day do it again, just for that day.
Opportunities to get customers/reps for your team.  

Attend Events:
Go to  Virtual sales Meetings - the District Manager will send you an invite for Thursday nights.

Develop a ritual of calling your customers the Tuesday before your orders are due.  Let them know you need the orders and money before Friday (if your order goes in on Sunday).  

Before you hang up, ask for the number of three friends.  She might not give you three but she will give at least one.

"Sue can you think of anyone else who could benefit from having someone deliver their personal care products for free?"

"Sue what friend would you like me to give 20% off on her first order?"


Consider inputting your orders on Friday instead of Sunday so if you have any technical difficulties, you can call customer service.


Get up, stay up, be smart and dress the part! You may wonder if you've got what it takes to take it but just smile and fake it til you make it!!!

The more you learn the more you earn~ Frank Clark

#1 - login and do your training!  Go to Avon University and take all the classes.
Doing so will make you more effective and give you more credibility.

Make Flyers - you can get some on the Avon site and personalize them, or you can create your own.  Just DO IT.  Then take them and put them up anywhere you know women will congregate.  Laundrymats, Beauty Parlors, Bulletin boards everywhere - stores, apartment buildings.

Use OLD books to drop in mass.  If you don't have any old books, call me or your District Sales Manager.
Use stickers that are cute but will get them to call you.   If you use NEW books, people who don't want Avon will just throw them away.  If the people do 
Here's one:
LOST AND FOUND: You've found your new Avon lady if you lost yours!
Check out my website to order ASAP and check out specials only available
online at my website:

I did not want to waste this book so I thought I'd let you take a look!
If you'd like a current book (it's free!) then please don't hesitate to call me! name   your phone

************ - This company is free and great!  Click here on my code and 
if you are the first person in your area to start a neighborhood on, then you and I will receive a 25.00 Amazon gift card.  Here is the link to click on:

You can view your entire neighborhood, keep in touch, put out classifieds about what products you have for sale, yard sales, Avon Mother's Day Sale, etc., They will even let you create flyers and postcards on their site.  And...they will send postcards out to people you want to get to know in your neighborhood.
I love it and have gotten some amazing new friends and clients.
Save fuel-sell to your neighbors
Set these reminders in your phone:
Tuesdays - Call Customers
Wednesdays, text Karen with progress

Friday - get orders and enter
Sundays Process

Set recurring every other week


Use the sheet that lets you know what book we are on and what campaign
I call it , "Who's on first".
ask me for a current sheet 

Be organized - when you turn your order in late you lose 7.95 - that is over 120.00 in a year.
Train your customers to turn in their money and orders early so you don't feel pressured to place additional orders after your order has already gone in - that is a savings of 9.95 per extra order or 400.00 in a year


Have Goals - What do you want? Decide on a dollar amount
I want 300 in my pocket - that means I have to get 750.00 in orders of mostly AVON products, not the items we just get 20% on - like shoes, clothes, purses, etc.,
Do NOT stop until you get the amount of orders you need for your goal.  Don't sit down, go to the movies, hang out at the mall - you are a busy person - go get your orders and achieve your goal!


Don't be your own best customer

Many reps make the mistake of ordering a LOT of demos then they can't pay for them.
Don't jeopardize your business - treat yourself when you deserve it.
Work to deserve it.

When you get enough orders - your customers are paying for your shipping from Ohio because you charge each one .75.  If you don't have enough customers, that 5.95 comes out of your commission instead of you enjoying all of your commission.


Order books every time.   The one time you don't have books is when that customer will ask for one.

Dress and look like a beauty consultant even at Albertsons. Every time you meet someone there interviewing you as their future boss or their future beauty consultant. Don't let that first meeting be without make up and torn jeans and a sweatshirt without a bra.  I call that the walk of shame down aisle 6.

The day after we submit an order, I start immediately stamping books and dressing them.
I get these little bags on ebay or amazon - 4 x 5 favor bags
I put a business card and a lipstick in them.

When you are prospecting, no one can refuse them.

Write thank you notes - I send them to you, my customers, my DSMs
If you want to come over and make some just call me.  Just plain productive creative fun and better for your business that kicking back and watching a video...

Be that person!!!

Have a raffle at an office building or event - give a basket of Avon products
Collect dozens of new customers.
Come over some time to make a sign or ask me how to earn one for free.

You can make a lot of money by working hard in this business or working smart.
The answer is asking people to be on your team and
never forgetting the Avon Motto

Anytime, Anywhere, Always Ask




Ask your friend.....
What would YOU do with an extra 100.00?

By inviting someone to share your business, you reap new benefits under Avon's September 16 plan  Watch this movie on my

Call me today to help you bring someone aboard!
I do the work, you get the $ and glory!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Did you sign up for the Virtual Visionaries?

 This weekend is going to be a first for me!  I usually love to try to win a trip with Avon to the big Summer events every year but this year because of COVID19 - it's going to be online.

It's only 59.00 and you get about 150 in products - so worth it!  Let me help you this year to earn more money with Avon.  By Watching some of the videos I've created you can find out where your weak links are.  

The fortune is in the follow up!

Have you heard that before?  It's true.  If  you don't give out samples, books and links to your website, you won't prosper.

Your customer needs to feel like you care - One of my reps always puts little stickers on her bags, candy kisses in them and puts a special twist on her friendship.

I like to do little thank you notes and I buy extra products and give them as free gifts.

I have an invoice which at the bottom has formulas that calculate how many free gifts they get:

if over 25 they get a lip balm

if over 40 they get a glimmer stick

if over 60 they get a hand cream

if over 80 they get a goody bag valued at 15-20.00

and yes with each step the keep each one as they climb.  If you know excel and would like a copy of this, let me know.

I want you to be a real winner in this business.  It can be such a blessing to have an income you can do from home.  Take a moment and read my article on becoming a winner...

I lost a few customers to the virus this year and it made me sad that they were alone.  Let's try to pick up the pace and see how many people we can truly help.

Together as a team, we can make a difference in the world.

Sunday, December 1, 2019



When my kids were a little, on New Year’s Eve we had a tradition that I called “love gifts” and that was a slip paper that everybody fills out for another person. So if there are 7 in your family. each person should get at least six messages. I made a wall hanging with little compartments with zippers, like mailboxes. The children would write down with kindness or act of service that they were willing to do and commit to for the next year for that person. It might be “Daddy,I am going to shine your shoes every Saturday for one year.” Or “Suzy, I promise not to play with your toys unless you say it’s OK.”
Anyway, when I left my 1st husband, in 2007 I took only the things I had purchased myself or made and forgot to get that cute wall hanging. Last night, I created one for my daughter, hubby, and kids. It’s So much fun to sit around drinking Martinelli’s and eating homemade cinnamon rolls on New Year’s Eve and listening to them read the little notes.. I thought I would share this family tradition with you. A lot of families are looking for a tradition that they can adopt and this is certainly a good one. Doing this, helps them realize the reason for the season, showing gratitude for others and helps the children relate to others by giving service.

click on link for directions in the form of PDF