Sunday, July 19, 2015

In promoting Avon, we need to make new friends....and get paid to do so!

With the increase in technology there has been a boon on cell phones, texting, internet usage and a decrease in making friends face to face.  How does that hurt our business?  Studies show that a new Rep, even though she has been taught how to generate new customers still thinks she can make it in this business by  her own methods...of relying on friends and family, but fact is, after the 4th order your friends and family are going to say, "I've got enough right now".  So it's up to you to generate new customers and representatives on your own, but Avon pays you to do so.

The more orders you get, the more % off you get of your Avon core products.  You couldn't get that if you were NOT a rep.  So that discount is giving you money as a reward for you making new friends and taking more orders, right?  The more representatives you have on your own team, the more you make in Bonus', recruiting $$, and residual income once you have reached the qualifying levels (which are very low right now).

Texting is SO popular but it lacks the personal touch!

I have actually seen people text each other across a room!  
Talking on the Cell Phone robs us of the ability to assess situations properly.  For example, does she need money...or does she need money for shoes for her barefoot kids?"
What is REAL to her?  It also lacks tone.  Sometimes people write things that read with the wrong tone can hurt feelings.

Talking on the phone and texting isolates us and causes us to portray isolated behaviors, like fear of being in a group, fear of meeting new people, fear of change.  These are all personality and growth stifling.  However, Avon Reps are taught to speak to people and address their needs and show them how Avon can help them with their problems.

So let's talk about making new friends.

So why is it so hard for some people to get customers? 

First of all....

Think of how your mother taught you to make friends at school in first grade, "Say something nice about her - tell her you like her dress".  I remember my mom giving me little smarties to share with the class - they all loved me!  But there was a mixed message, wasn't there?  She's a stranger, but it's ok to talk to her.  Mixed messages cause confusion in our minds and keep us from going forward until we understand how to break through.

Since we were little we have been taught, "Don't talk to Strangers!" That is very important not only in our parent's day but now.  It's important to show discernment when talking with anyone especially anyone who doesn't live by you, know your family, work with you or go to church with you. 

That being said, you click that +friend button several times per week and you don't even really know what they look like, or who they are?  Those photos could be faked and identities smudged.  It's so much easier and safer to approach a nicely dressed woman with children, smile, compliment her on something she does well, like the way she puts her eye make up on, and ask her,

"I see you wear very elegant jewelry.  When the last time was that you saw what Avon has to offer?"  
"I love the way you do your eyes - I'd love to have someone on my team that can do the perfect Cat Eye!  I'm always looking for people who come by the talent naturally - you might even teach my team how to do it!  Have you thought about making extra money to supplement your retirement dollars?"

Another important concept that is lacking with cell phone and internet technology is to look someone in the eye, smile and nod (yes) as you are talking to her.  (And no....facetime is still  impersonal! )  Psychologically, we bond better when someone talks to us, standing square, shoulders facing shoulders at parallel angles, and looking them straight into their eyes.

Tips and Hints for getting more orders

1)  Ask your leader (me) if I have any old books that you can use to toss.  These are older books that may not be good anymore, but it has your contact information on it and if they want a new book, they know who to call, and you didn't lose any money if they  throw them away.

2)  When tossing books, make sure you put a little flyer in about joining your team.

3)  In some of the books put a sticker that says "You WON! - call me to get your prize!"
 You can get the seals on ebay for 5.00 and you can go to your website, log in and click on  COMMUNITY then AVON ADVANTAGE - then Avery and design your labels there for free.

When someone calls and says what did I win?  Tell them they get to have a 10-15% discount on their next order and/or a free gift (mini hand lotion or lip balm or whatever you have at home that you haven't sold yet)

4) Make it a habit when you go to fast food places to keep your books in your purse and give one out to someone personally as they are finished and leaving using the Make new friends approach.  Make sure you ask for the phone number and email so you can follow up.

5)  Go meet your neighbors, for heaven's sake.  When I was a little girl we had Welcome Wagons who brought us coupons and gifts from the local Avon lady and other vendors locally.  Go be your OWN Welcome Wagon bearing gifts.

6)  I also can't stress enough the importance of joining  You can place a free ad in their classified section.  Last week, I put out a blast to over 800 in our neighborhood.  I have received many wonderful customers this way.  Nextdoor will reward you with a 25.00 Amazon gift card if you start a neighborhood where you live.  Here is my link.  When you join, be sure to give out your link (found when you login).

7) My last favorite way to get a huge amount of customers is to do a office raffle.
a) Send the office manager a request to have a free employee appreciation raffle basket.  They don't have to pay a premium to get a free catalog and sample, but if they want to be in the raffle they need to place an order and their order form is their ticket.
b) Include order forms with their address info, email and phone as well as provide a credit card area so they can just put their credit card in and you can process it on the
c) Attach the order form in the letter with a picture of the basket and ask her to forward it to the office staff.
d) Tell her for collecting the completed forms you will give her a ________when you arrive with the basket for the drawing.
e) You arrive at 10 - by 10:15 you have picked a winner and are on your way with 10-15 new customers.

I hope this helps you put making friends in a new perspective.  Please let me know if it was helpful or what insights you gained.  Please comment below.
Thank you!

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