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I'm a new Avon Rep...what do I do now?

I'm a new Avon Representative--how do I launch my Avon home-based business?
Let's give you some fool proof New Rep info!!

Avon has an awesome tour for new reps in Avon University,  Just only place an order when your leader tells you too. If you do make sure that it is over $100 please.  Everything has to be on time so that you always qualify for incentives, trips and prizes!!
 Checklist for Success 
Here are a few tips you can print down and use as a checklist for success. 

1.  Take the new rep training in Avon University - it's state of the art, free, gets you up and running quickly!
While this is designed for New Representatives, most of these steps are applicable at any point in our Avon careers!

A B Cs to Start Earning with Your Avon Business

a.  Write down your “Who Do You Know List”
Cell phone contacts
Facebook friends
E-mail contacts
Twitter followers
Instagram followers
Family tree
Church Directory
Social Groups (Bowling Leagues, Book Clubs, etc.)
Kids School Teachers / PTA
Set up your eStore

b. Email and Share #3 from Avon Social Media Center on to everyone on your list from your “Who Do You Know List” (Facebook, Email, Twitter, Instagram)

c. Put your contact information, including your name, telephone number, eStore address, date you need the order by on your brochures

d. Hand out the brochures and get contact information from everyone that you give the brochure to and ask for referrals. (a sticky note on the cover works well!)

e. Daily Care Bundle Flyer (put your contact information on the first one and make copies):
text to all of your telephone contacts (take a picture of your flyer)
upload to your social media accounts
e-mail to all of your contacts in your address book
give to everyone that you know and/or meet in person

f. Remember the 4 A’s of Avon… Always Ask Anywhere Anytime

g..  Follow up with everyone!! Collect orders and payment

h.  Place and Submit your order in your account on on or before your order due date. Remember to order more brochures (please refer to your Avon calendar for dates) CHECK WITH ME FIRST BEFORE YOU ENTER ANYTHING - I WANT TO HELP YOU.

I.  Repeat for next Campaign!

J. Take your business to the next level! Start your Avon team! You can earn a bundle of products valued at over $125 just for referring 1 person and $35 for each additional team member!!  Who do you know that would benefit from an additional income? Your up line or I will  help you get them started!

2.  If you haven't signed up for Facebook - my sit and the district site please do so immediately. HTTPS://

3.  Communication is key with me. I really  urge you do whatever it takes to keep your phone ringing.  This is so that you can be in contact with me and let me know how you're doing and any struggles you're having so that I can eradicate them immediately.  If there is one bill an Avon Rep needs to pay it is the phone bill.   Remember - no calls, no customers, no cash.

4. Give the books Avon or I give you out to people you know will support you and place an order -----personally give it to them with smile and a sample. Let them know that you take all major credit cards and debit cards and to let you know which one they would like you to use when they place the order.
Later, you will need to add books to your order - and/or earn them from me.

So if I give you 10 books - that is 10 orders ;) see?

English and Spanish Brochure Pricing

the more you order, the cheaper they are
Order in Packs of 10. Buy more and save more! Take advantage of discounted quantity pricing.
Pack# BrochuresCost Ea.Total
110 brochures64.9¢$6.49
220 brochures44.5¢$8.89
330 brochures38.0¢$11.39
440 brochures34.2¢$13.69
550 brochures30.2¢$15.09
660 brochures26.8¢$16.09
770 brochures24.8¢$17.39
880 brochures23.5¢$18.79
990 brochures22.3¢$20.09
10100 brochures21.5¢$21.49
11+$21.49 for the first 10 packs plus $1.69 for each additional pack

Please Note: A 5 pack of brochures in Spanish is available for purchase for $3.99

5. We get the funds up front from the customer.  No funds, no ship.  Just like Target and Walmart!    Make sure Square is downloaded this week to your phone so that you can deposit credit card payments directly to your account and it will be waiting there for you to make your payment after you submit your orders.

Keep your credit card processing free by sending out YOUR code to everyone you know after you sign up with this one.  Interesting note to remember on this.  When you put in a card and $$$ on Thursday night by midnight, it will appear in your bank on Monday -  All other transactions seem to go right into your account immediately.
6. Please join Nextdoor and place a classified ad letting everyone know that you're the local Avon lady and that you're giving a free gift away for any order taken before the submission day.  When your friends start a neighborhood in a place that has never had a nextdoor neighborhood, Nextdoor will send you and the person who signed up with your code a 25.00 Amazon card.

7. Always jot down an email or phone number so you can follow up and you can also enter them into your website with their email address so that Avon will send free marketing materials to them like free shipping, Free products, etc.
No phone number, no follow up, no fun times!

8. Leaving books around town is a serious waste of new money because you have no idea who picks one up.  You have no one to call and you've lost all your books.

9. If you ever want to do a large book drop campaign ask me for old ones. We can put a sticker on it that says "this is an old book the prices may be the same or lower but please call me for a new book (your name your number)" this way anyone picking up a book and calls, you will know is a serious customer.

10. Start sending people to your website using your web office social media. (Today if they do a $50 order with a code of Totebag, they also get a black nylon puffy tote. 11/4/2015) This changes daily.

11. If I hadn't entered myself in my own website address book with a different email address I would've never gotten that message.

12. Once you get a message like that you need to send it out to your customers via text or Facebook with the picture of the free item that day.

13. Set a reminder in your phone for every other Friday and every other Tuesday if you are in RPS 8:

 Please refer to the Holiday Schedule for Campaign s 24-26
We have 26 campaigns for 52 weeks in a year, however, the last 4 campaigns, we start having orders go in every WEEK and your schedule will change.  For my existing reps, you can print down this JPG to your cell phone and you can print one down from here:

Open your website and go to this page - print down the schedule that goes with your delivery day.  If you don't remember what RPS you are, ask me.

on the Tuesday before we submit make a note that says "call my customers."

On the Friday before we submit make a note that says "get my orders into today while customer service is still open" (ours orders have to be in usually by Sunday at midnight but there's no customer service to help you at that time)

14. Of course this message is anyone who's for RPS eight if you don't know what your RPS his contact me and I'll let you know when to put the code in your phone

15.  If I made you flyers which I try to do for all new people but if I didn't get yours out to you please let us know where you put them up and what success you had with them.  You can speak into Siri and just say "laundrymats near me" for starters.


This code, when copied and pasted into an email and clicked on will allow them to get additional 6-8% off .  
First set up your free account with my code   Now, look for YOUR code and copy it (click copy to clipboard)

Then when they go to your website they place an order so you give them the code plus a picture of what's free that day, and by all means a link to your personal website.)

1.  They must open their Ebates account and minmize it,
2.  then open your website and minimize it.
3.  Go back to Ebates and click on Avon and it will now hook them up to your site.
4.  They will get 8% PLUS any %off your Avon code of the Day will give them.
5.  If they go over the magic number of the day for Avon (25.00, 40.00) they will also get free shipping.
6.  Once per quarter, Ebates will pay them $$$ based on the websites they visited and ordered from providing they clicked on their account prior to going to that website.

17. Get yourself on the Internet by taking my training class via silent video. Just stop and do each step.  If it goes too fast stop and rewind.

18.  If you have only gotten one order and you are due to submit before the end of the week, you need to reevaluate your plan.  Try watching the video on excuses at  This isn't aimed to make you feel bad, it should open your eyes to new possibilities for getting orders.

Maybe those things will make the light bulb of ideas get you pumped!!!

What do you really need?
 I hope these things help you.  Most important thing I can tell you is to not give up asking people for orders until you reach your goal for the amount you really need to exist every two weeks.  
Remember this sheet!
Decide how much you NEED - keep asking until you get the sales that go with what you need in your pocket - DON'T STOP ASKING until you the the # of customer orders that it says you NEED.
Keep an eye on your hotpoints - those 1 cent increments that give you either 20% more income or 10% more income. sent from my iPhone

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