Friday, September 19, 2014

Ways to save money as an Avon Representative

I always like to maximize on my business investment.  When I save time, I save money because my time is valuable.  The more I regulate the necessities of representation, the more I can be showing my customers new items and delivering demos.

1) When I get a lead that is not responding to my calls, I make a homemade card and send her some samples and a book in the mail.  The expenses for the cards are deductible as office supplies, i.e., paper, glue, ribbons, etc.  I also use the cards for prizes and incentives mailed to the Representatives.

     a) I buy mailer packs in bulk 6x8 from ebay
     b) I dress my catalogs (use organza 2 x 3 bags to staple to front w/business              card, samples and a tiny lipstick) - I get those bags from ebay, but recently            one of my reps found them on

     c) I used Vista Print for business cards, postcards and labels
     d) I use postage that I can print from my home. Dymo stamps
     e) I look on ebay for deals on labels, discontinued items that customers really          want but I have not been able to fill the orders.
     f) I use my District Facebook page to look for items (in search of = ISO code)          that my fellow friend reps may have in stock and need to sell.
     g) I offer special gifts for those people who would like to pick up their orders          from my home.
     h) When Reps pick up books and samples from my home I give them 10% off           what I am charged.  This shows that I support their initiative and saves me           gas and time for delivering.
     i)   I use Consultant Depot ( to mail my catalogs to                   regular customers who order every time.  If you use my name I will give               you a product of your choice from my YOU DID IT BOX. (Avon box                   decorated with posterboard and lettering.

     j)  I always wear an AVON pin and buy extras for incentive for my reps for              their first 1,000 in orders.  Sometimes customers will see the pin and                    remind me that I am an Avon lady - I get these at          Because the item is brand related and given to reps at a prize or reward,                these are tax deductible.

     k) I always wear Avon Jewelry, clothes, shoes, handbags.  I never buy clothes          from the mall (who wants to pay their rent by jacked up prices?)
     l)  Before I go downtown to buy any office supplies, I first check BUSINESS          TOOLS to see if I can get it from Avon.  These are tax deductible and                  properly labeled on your invoice -yes, even batteries.
    m) I keep receipts from invoices, restaurants (business meetings dinners                    during them, lunch w rep or new lead) You can attach a sheet from SALES          LEADERSHIP at the bottom called taxes. Even tho' it presently says 2013,          the guidelines are exactly the same each year.
    n)  Rather than reschedule a lead for when they have the 15.00 cash, I use         or apps on my phone so that I can take their debit or         credit card and get them enrolled on the spot. (see article on using these items to close a sale for family shopping list (min 50.00 order) on the first appointment.)
    o) I have a hot spot from so that I can meet anywhere with             my laptop to sign people up and help them get enrolled the same day with a        viable representative website for them to announce immediately, their new            business.
     p)   I have a free account at so that I can mail from home.
     q)   I have a free and account so that I can ship products and gifts to my reps out of state.
     r)    I get my baskets at and my cellophane and pull ribbons at  The contents are from watching for deep discounts (products that were 6.00 ea on sale for 1.99, then apply my 40% discount).
    s)     I create contact points (people at businesses that I frequent, i.e., doctor, dentist, restaurants, schools, insurance office, Circle Ks, etc,) and have either a rep or customer at each location so that whereever I travel, I can document the mileage for going to that location and delivering products or books - legally via travel standards.
   t)  If I am traveling by car to visit one of my reps, I - rent a car from; deduct the gas on a rental car (not mileage) "
         operating and maintaining your car when traveling away from home on business. You can deduct actual expenses or car the standard mileage rate, as well as business-related tolls and parking. If you rent a car while away from home on business, you can deduct only the business-use portion of the expenses."

These are just some of the business practices that I follow.  The most important one being, I always buy from my own store first, and line my pockets with the commission, rather than buy downtown from stores, thus throwing money away that I cannot deduct at the end of the year for viable supplies to demonstrate and show to customers.

I welcome other suggestions on how to maxmize my income and minimize my tax liabilities placed on same income

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