Monday, September 15, 2014


Why do I need a Goal?

Tuesday before a Campaign Submission is by far my favorite day!  It's the day we find out how we did in our Unit, our District and our Division.  Do you have a goal?  Mine used to be to do 100 each campaign - well, that was too easy!  So I changed my goal to become a President's club member so that I could get 40% off all year round.  This is my 3rd time to do that.  Last year my goal was to achieve Honor Society - I was able to do that with the last minute help of the triple dollars.  This year I already made Honor Society, but my name is not on the Division Boards for Sales, so I am trying to pump that up so I can make that goal. The point being, you can't just sit back and say, "I have faith that God will make me rich!"  YOU need to do the work and then receive some well earned blessings.  If I hadn't written down my goal so I could see it daily, my brain would not have anything to focus on achieving.

 A G0al is the one thing that defies Faith.  Faith is believing without needing to see.   Without Faith, seeing is believing.  With Goals, seeing is achieving.  ~Karen Meyer

Tip of the day 
Check out the sales in Campaign 20.  When you get a Skin So Soft product, many are buy 2 and get one of them for .99   This is a good thing to have around the house in case someone calls for immediate delivery.  If you need to know how to make an invoice from a blank sheet - just call me!

What is Free in Campaign 21????

In Brochure 21 pgs 70-81, with a purchase of any Women’s Fragrance, FREE Viva By Fergie Keychain your FREE units. Eau de Parfum Rollette.Avon will automatically send your free units


 Why is teamwork important?

 Reality check! You CAN make money in this business. Look carefully at that tiny video -- you are seeing 7,912,550.00 - you are really seeing that!The #1 in our district in total Unit Sales volume last year was Rosemarie and Bill Osalinsky.  She is also a past recipient of the Woman of Enterprise.  Where does she live?  Phoenix, Arizona.  So it can be done.  It can be done in Arizona.  It can be done in our District!  It can be done by YOU.

When the team members in a unit all work together, they can accomplish great things.  This is why team work is so important. Without my team, I am nothing.  You guys mean so much to me.  I want you to have successful lives and that is why I put all the helpful handouts on my website at:  Make sure you click on the Calendar and see if you are on target for Friday's submission to Campaign 20.

Probably nothing is more disturbing than to get a call from a Rep and she says, I'm not going to do
any more.  If you are struggling and have done all that I have suggested you try, and still aren't having
luck, then I am sorry.  I want there to be open communication between us.  You can reach me by email,
text, phone, and snail mail ;) - - I am here for you. But you need to know that it doesn't happen over night
It is more like "the turtle wins the race!"  Buiding a rapport or relationship with your customers takes time.
The more you study online, the better.

Karen - how do I learn about products?  1) Training under
Pathways has great classes.  2) I learned by going to my
website and reading the reviews on products.

Come back tomorrow to see the results of Campaign 19 Winners!!!!

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