Thursday, August 21, 2014


You are doing so well - I am really proud of you!!!!   I have found that Avon is changing some of its business models to encourage payment with the order.  This may include a conversation with your customer to order right after pay day and place the order on the the very next one.  Also I have started using two systems of payment - Either one is terrific.

2)  I use INTUIT.COM or The SQUARE.COM to process payments.  These companies have an app that you can download and then give you a card slider (that they will send to you for free) that you can slide their card at the time of the appointment, they sign the consent with their finger on your touch screen, and input their email for a receipt.  Keep really good records of who you take payments from and on what day.  

3)  The verbiage you use during a normal conversation is, "You know, it is my goal to make sure you get this quality merchandise on time and without delay.   it makes sense to pay for the items up front, because when we go to Target or Walmart, we have to pay first, right?  Also, that eliminates delays and snags due to credit limits.  The money will go directly into my account and I in turn will pay Avon making a credit in my Avon account.  When I process the orders we have input, the transaction will be smooth and ship out immediately".

This is a very good question, because all incentives and prizes are based on:

 on time, which is before noon on the submission day of your District, orders not on hold, and paid on time orders, paid before the next submission day. 

 This would increase your eligibility 3-fold increasing your ability to win more prizes.  Also, it helps the leaders because our commissions are based on paid orders, so, in gratitude, when we get paid, we have more money to spend on Unit Prizes.

Presently, my Unit has a UN PAID orders of over 2500.00.  I would like to help Avon as well as help my team qualify for more fun things by offering suggestions like these to clear up the past due bills and increase Representative good credit records, thereby increasing their limit.

My limit started out at 400 - and is now over 700.00 - So even I have to put a down payment when my orders are over 750.00

With these payment options, your customer's money is safely deposited into your account.  It is a good idea to have a separate business account so that you don't mingle your household money.  Above all, integrity demands that when you receive money from your customer, that goes directly to Avon, to pay the bill.  Doing things correctly increases your self esteem and puts your customers at ease.

Any questions, call Customer Service 513 551 2866 or me 480 262 3525

To join my team, go to and use my resource code:  kmeyer2352

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