Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are you blaming others for your lack of success?

You need to learn about Mrs. P.F.E. Albee and David H. McConnel.  Many of you will remember my story about David H. McConnel and the first perfume sale.  It's interesting that we use some of the same motivational words today as he did to encourage and uplift our Representatives.  

However, after reading about the type of effort these people put into the personal investment of their time, talents and energies into their business, sometimes we aren't doing all we should and blaming everyone but ourselves.

Mrs. P.F.E was 50 years old when she started.  She either walked for miles to take orders and offer samples and deliver products, or she traveled by horse and buggy and train.  

Really? And you say you only have the bus and lightrail?  Wow, my hat is off to her.  I couldn't have done it with those heavy long dresses, dusty roads, no sun screen, or Jamba Juice when I am too hot and need nourishment....Maybe that inspiration will help us all try harder.  

So now, REMEMBERING, that Blame looks to the past and Responsibility points to the future,  forget the past, pick yourself up and go do what you need to do to make your sales humongous!

David H. McConnel, founder of the California Perfume Company, which later became known as The Avon Company once said,

 "“All success lies in one’s self 
and not in external conditions. … 
Misfortunes are only a discipline, 
and there are possibilities which 
often are awakened by them which 
suggest to us the power and strength 
we possess, that perhaps otherwise
would never have been recognized.” 

No wonder the Representative ranks rose to 5,000 in just 13 short years. 

Mrs. P.F.E. Albee
United States
"Mother of the California Perfume Company" since 1886

First Avon RepresentativeFounder David H. McConnell handpicked Mrs. Persis Foster Eames Albee to become the company’s first Representative and affectionately dubbed her the “Mother of the California Perfume Company.” Mrs. P.F.E. Albee of New Hampshire was 50 when she began selling perfumes for McConnell. She traveled by horse and buggy and by train, offering perfumes such as the inaugural single-note scents – VioletWhite Rose,HeliotropeLily-of-the-Valley and Hyacinth – door-to-door throughout the Northeast section of the United States. In a letter to McConnell, Mrs. Albee wrote, “I know of no line of work so lucrative, pleasant and satisfactory as this.” The legendary Mrs. Albee is still considered a role model for Avon Representatives today and is credited with creating the company’s system for distributing products

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