Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to attract and keep great customers!

I love it when new representatives want to learn more.  Today some are coming over to

  • learn some customer finess, 
  • How to find and keep good customers by developing your own new customer welcome wagon
  • how to do a company raffle
  • make fliers for distribution to their community
  • make laminated pages for their demonstrations
I find that when I "dress" my books, I get more new customer attention.  Everyone wants a free gift but when you make it look pretty, it is more enticing.

I use these little "wedding favor" packets.  You can get them in any color on Ebay.  I choose hot pink usually, but I do have some white and plum.  What do I put into that?  A foundation sample, perfume sample, a MARK eye shadow, and a lipstick.  I put my business card right behind the lipstick so the lipstick is the first thing to be seen.

I pick a cute basket that I got at GOODWILL for about 2.00 and fill the basket with my dressed catalogs.  

To get new customers, I will fill one of those same baskets with products, 
Then call any office with a lot of employees and ask them If I can come over and give away a basket of products in a free raffle.

For your best customers always put an item in their bag that you know they will appreciate.

Best wishes for a Prosperous 4th quarter!

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