Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 Recently I was asked to submit some questions to Pablo Munoz and this was one of the assessments I queried.

When a rep signs up, she is given the choice of having a presence on the web at no additional charge to the normal sign up fee of 15.00.

With our technology of today, many people find it easier to order on the internet.  If not order, then actually browse the site and then call the rep with their order.  It is so easy to navigate and you can also click on the E brochure located at the top of your Representative's website on the right and just click on items and add them to your cart.

Sometimes when a Rep temporarily goes inactive her website is shut down, perhaps until she can pay her bill.  When she is reinstated, the sign that you see below should be automatically taken down and her website restored to the former state.
At this time, it does not.  This is a screen shot from a recently reinstated rep's website.  She did not choose to have it turned off.

If you see this, please call your rep right away and ask her if she is aware of this.  If you are a leader, please take the  time to pull up all of your rep's accounts and look at their sites to make sure they are working.

To not have a website in this time is pretty much business suicide.  Imagine how many sales are lost because the discouraged simply click away and think their rep is out of business.

I requested that in My Profile, there be a button for a rep to make sure her website is turned on, or have it an automatic gesture to click it back to live sales when she reactivates her account.  Truthfully, the website should have have been an option from the beginning.  Each rep should be taught how to show their customers how to navigate their site and feel comfortable with the internet to encourage sales that make them money and have little or no work to do on their part.

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