Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Avon's new products are coming!

This has been an amazing journey.  After August 2014, I knew I could NOT miss the Avon Convention for 2015.  I did try harder during the year and I had the honor of earning the whole trip.  What surprised me was that of 400,000 United States Representatives, at the reception before the Awards Gala, they told us that only 40 did what it took to earn both level 1 and level 2 of the trip.  Level 1 was add 4 people to your team, Level 2 was add two more for a total of 6 during the time period.  

So....I feel really honored that Avon gave me the opportunity to come, have a lovely room, attend the conference and really learn what it takes to help you become a success.  

Help me become a success?  No....because time and time again, every class reiterated that a true team takes each other by the hand and walks together to the finish line.  Once you are a success, then I will be too.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to work with you.  Don't give up your "WHY" - Why did you want to quit your  job and stay home with your family?  Why did you want to work from home?
Why did you want to show the catalog to others and reap the benefits?

Before you go any further - watch this video of Emily Seagren who received Avon's Highest Award of Woman of Enterprise

Please make yourselves available for us to meet either by Facetime, or in person and let's start planning how you are going to reach your goal!

Check out What is Coming OUT!!!!
 Skin So Soft  Winter

 Big and False Mascara
 New more vibrant shades of eye shadows
 Home Products

Just came out at Kohls - I'm SO getting this!!!

Classic clothes - Classic lines

These are Mark Statement Necklaces - You can't see the glitz these have because of my lighting, but on stage, they turned a nice outfit into a KNOCK OUT outfit!

This necklace was actually in our goody bags, so I'll bring it to your Grand Opening!

Love these new pallettes.  Add two people to your team who each do a 100.00 order and I will buy this for you.

You are going to be seeing me in this purple necklace - It is KILLER

These are Candy Fragrances - Raspberry, Cherry and Grape - very light.

More cute pallettes - remember you add 2 people, they do 100.+ order on time and paid on time and you get to choose.  Just email me your choice.\
Oh yeah....You have to be on my team for this one, ha ha.

So grateful we are partners with DISNEY - I know someone in my family who is crazy for Minnie.

Another Statement necklace - yes - I have the perfect dress for this ;)

These bands sparkle.  My friend Holly is going to give these a second look!

I'm going to give one of these bags to any of my customers who give me a 100 order or do a Skin Care Replenishment package online.

Do you have daughters or granddaughters who need a Holiday dress for your family picture?  I always loved getting my kids all coordinated and dressed for the Holidays but I used to make all their dresses - Avon makes it easy to be a grandmother!  I just order from my own site and Avon ships it for free.

Let's have a Holiday party EARLY where we invite your customers and their children.  Their kids will want to play with these at the party and your customers will know exactly what to secretly order from you for the Holidays.

My grandsons just might love these.  There is a whole CARS set that someone I know is going to go bananas over.

This year Avon is partners with Lenox and Mikasa to bring Holiday Elegance to your home or Holiday parties.  Name brands at affordable prices.  

Crystal from Mikasa and Lenox
Who knew Avon had such great Partners?

Send you customers here for a secret sneak peak!
Then give them your estore address.

For those of you who do not have a Representative, I'd like to apply for the job.
I give 20% off your first order over 50.00 (20% off the Avon brand products only).  If you do it online, I send you the 20% by mail or Paypal, your choice.  

Karen S Meyer, 
Rose Circle Recipient
Avon Gold Ambassador
Certified ELITE Coach and Mentor
480 262 3525

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