Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What is Avon Dreams?

 #Avondreams - you have been seeing this, right?

Four things in an Avon Representative's mind should be paramount.
1) Make your customer happy
2) Find ways to promote yourself
3) Achieve President's Club so you can get 40% off all year
4) Find ways to get to the Florida Conference

#1 is easy - Make your Customer Happy!
 - Our products are tops!  Our Customer service is or should be none less than stellar.  When you go to a casino - I've seen people tip the dealer, haven't you?  Well your customer is your dealer.  I hope you are putting cute things in her bag to let her know how much you appreciate her.  In our Unit, we have what I deem a Customer Specialist - Relda Quinn 5x  President's Club member joined our team and hit the boards running.  She finds innovative ways to make her customers feel loved and the COME B A C K.  Her most recent way was to go to the dollar store and get little packs of peanuts.  She put a Label on them that said, "I'm nuts about you being my customer!"

No wonder they love her!  Let's all try to emulate that kind of love through customer service.

 if you want to make more $$$ and get promoted do the simple plan. What corporate America company can you decide how much you make??  Avon!

#3 Achieve President's Club in one year..
Sell 10,000 in 26 campaigns starting in Campaign 1 and get 40% all the next year.
That is just 384.62/campaign  Come on - if I can do it working this business only three days a week, what can you do with 5, or 6????  You get out of it what you put into it.  
Do you have to dig a ditch in 115 degree heat?  NO!
Do you have to shovel through poop in a cesspool?  NO!
Do you have to Lay railroad tracks in 115 degree heat? NO!

You just need to call people - prioritize keeping your phone ON.
You need to show people catalogs - Prioritize ordering 40 books every 2 weeks and give out 3 per day

#4 Find ways to go to the Florida Conference!!!!!

Our Florida Conference is called, "Dreams Come True".  You can see information from previous years as well as while we are there, things will be posted live as we go!  So go to facebook and look for this:

Why do I want to go to Conference?
1.  You learn from the top selling leaders how to sell,
2.  You learn from the top recruiters how to recruit,
3.  You learn about the new products.
4.  They play the OPRAH give away with 200.00 worth of new products,
"We want EVERYBODY to have one!!!!"
5.  You have to go with an empty suitcase to handle all the stuff you bring home
6.  You can take a bubble bath without anyone bothering you.
7.  Relax in glamorous surroundings.
8.  Get to scream as much as you want when they give you stuff!
9.  Receive an infection of happiness while you are learning.
10.  Roller Coaster effect R O C K S

What is the Roller Coaster Effect?

Ok - You know how you work for something you keep trying, you finally get up the hill to the top?
What happens - You Celebrate!
Then you just enjoy the ride down and enjoy the MOMENTUM POWERING YOU FORWARD!
Finally a new challenge comes and you grab it and push it up the hill again.

Next Spring - an announcement will be made - Last year it was,
Sign up 10 people and you get an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO FLORIDA
This year is was Sign up 6 people and you get an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO FLORIDA

I had to put a downpayment for the conference and hotel, but next week, they will credit
it all back to my account because I WON IT - OR MAYBE I EARNED IT!


LET'S RIDE...........!

See you next week.  I may be out of sight, but never out of touch.  I'll have my laptop with me and will be texting and posting to our facebook site and this blog!

Looking forward to having you along for the ride!

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