Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why you should try to gain a Title in Avon...

Many of you have expressed a desire to know exactly what is available to you when you are not just an order taker.  Until I actually listened to my mentors and did what they suggested, I was just an order taker.  I got an occasional call but mostly did Avon for the discount.

After stepping away, I got in touch with Rebecca Sobus who got me signed up and introduced me to the concept of learning via the Avon Website - that was so much different than filling out a long form with little hash marks and driving across town to put the order in my Manager's box on her porch - that's the way we placed orders in California.

I started looking at Leadership.  Then something happened about 3 years ago and I made President's Club for the first time and received my first recruiting award.  I started taking Leadership Seriously.  The first thing I need to do is, applaud my first DSM Debbie Kirkpatrick who taught me how to run a successful event and the importance of recruiting.

 Soo Linn Van Kirk taught me about the value of professional dress, the importance of having energy and enthusiasm, and got me to talk to people. Oh I could talk to people, but I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and ask for a phone number.  How else can you follow up?

 Glenda Navarro, taught me the importance of Networking and we attended the Arizona Small Business Association for Women and I made some great contacts. She really spelled out motivation and consequence.  I took that information and started networking on facebook with other people who hold events.

 Shelley Watson has encouraged me and supported my efforts and encouraged me to recruit and expand my unit with a different twist - now I make friends and then offer the opportunity.  Just like customers, when we make friends first and really listen to their story, we learn their why.  Knowing what motivates them gives us the opportunity to see their struggles and answer their objections with more relevancy; we create lasting bonds.  How many of you have made an appointment with your District Sales Manager to learn something new?  How many of you take the time to go to District Meetings?

It is my dream that you will catch the vision of what I do and believe in and will want to promote yourself.  What are you waiting for?  When you work for a Corporation, going through the review process and trying to negotiate a .25 per hour raise can be stressful.  It's important that you understand that your have the power to change your life.

You can give yourself a raise anytime you want.  It's up to you.  If you think you have failed then you are wrong.  What you have learned up to now is how to run a business, what is tax deductible, why demos are important, how to increase your discount, how to keep from having to give money back and still have a satisfied customer.

I know that this information is on our website and this is not designed to usurp training with Avon University, but sometimes people just need to see the cheat sheet to see what is possible.  Just know you can make miracles happen.  You have that power.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who are positive and won't shoot down your dreams..

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