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Excellence demands Integrity....Don't let people say you can't do something....

Has anyone ever told you, "You won't make money with that!" - I'm here to prove them wrong and give you a chance to show them you can be a winner!
Another thing - do you ever hear a voice inside your head that puts you down? This voice makes you feel less than you really are?  You will never hear that from a true leader.  We inspire you to maximize on YOU - your potential and your self esteem and value measure infinitely!

Sometimes I hear, "Karen, I don't think I can get a 100.00 order in two weeks". or "I gave up, I couldn't make any sales".  "Nobody wanted to buy anything".

They are buying stuff all the time from Department Stores, malls, CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, Safeway....why not you?  You save them money and provide home delivery and provide companionship as their new friend. Who could want for anything more than that?

Don't make sales.  Make friends.  Show your new friends your book.  Ask them  "Do you see anything here that you think would look good on you?" Ask them, "Do you see products do you see here that I could save you money on?"  Ask them, "How would you like your wardrobe to be a tax deduction?"  Ask 3 them questions where they have to answer yes...then ask them, "Let me show you how...."

Keep your phone turned on.  If you put out flyers and no one can contact you, they won't try again.  Your greatest asset besides your books and personality is you PHONE.  Do whatever it takes to keep it on!

First of all, how badly do you want to succeed?  I heard something that made sense the other day -

I can want success for you....but I can't give it to you.  I can give you the tools, but you need to have the desire and will to make it happen.

I thought I would give you some ideas on how to get the 100.00.....You may not even realize that you have 100.00 already!

Remember to always buy from your own store. 

When you shop downtown that money is gone.  You work so hard for your money and it seems like it goes just as quickly as it comes.  Let's make it work for US and keep it from going down the drain.

 When you shop 
from your own store
 many amazing things happen....  

You can go to a thrift store - a good one - and get a cute skirt to go with an Avon top.  You just saved money.  You are using a Demo shirt that you can write off as a tax deduction.  Now flip through the catalog and find a pair of shoes or purse to match - earrings and necklace to accent?  You are a walking Avon store.  You are advertising for next to nothing and people will notice you when you come into a room!  Cha-Ching!

Shop the Sales!

Show your customers that you believe in your products!
When you shop, take the compare and save sheet with you.
Ask someone in the aisle where the "   " deodorant is.  Then turn and quietly say, "Wow, Avon is cheaper and it has all the same type of ingredients?"  Now smile at her and say, "I LOVE being an Avon rep!" - then start looking for the next item on the list.


Everyone wants Higher Sales.  I get them by asking people, "I'm getting ready to put my order in, what can I get for you? ( That is the ASSUMED approach)  I can save you a trip to the store in this heat and I will deliver it, or if you are going out, you can pick it up Wednesday and I'll give you a free gift."

Give out 3 books every day (order no less than 45 per campaign)
Get 3 emails and 3 phone numbers put them into your system so Avon will send them invitations to your website.

F R E E   A D V E R T I S I N G
Send out 3 Buffer blasts links all of your social media so you only have to send one message
Go to your Avon Social Media and send out videos, ads from there.

One click at either, and it it shoots out to your entire world.
Here is my code:
Click on it and join for free

This is your chance to get your business noticed in your own neighborhood.  Get ot know your neighbors and put out classifieds on the site about sales, yard sales w avon products, special discounts, etc., I get customers from this all the time and it's great because their right in my neighborhood and I don't have to spend gas money.  Using my link, if you are the first one to start a neighborhood on nextdoor, you and I will both receive a 25.00 gift certificate.
Good luck!  Remember that if you are not doing a little something every day for your business, you can't grow.  This little something will only take you 5 minutes!

What will happen to
 my sales if I shop
 from my own store?

It's important that you mesh this important information with the concept of "not being your own best customer". - Adding customers keeps you from paying all the shipping - see chart below.

for some reason it scanned crooked - I'll replace it later but the data is right on!

1) your sales will be far higher and you qualify for more incentives and prizes for you, trips to Avon Conferences, or Prizes to give to your team or products you can sell for money, you will also receive benefits from titling to upper levels like President's Club, Honor Society and Rose Circle and best....more vacations with your family. 

I love to send prizes to my Reps - It makes me 
feel like Santa Claus...and it's a tax deduction.

2) because the items on the invoice are clearly marked DEMOS when picked from the What's New Magazine, these are clearly recognized by the iRS as necessary supplies.  

So a bottle of shampoo and deodorant purchased from the right book can be used and displayed or tried by your customers.   

3) the same products you buy downtown are going to be $$$ cheaper from Avon.  


4). Because you use the products,you become more knowledgeable and credible.  

5) as a natural result you will cultivate a larger customer base.

1)  How often do you eat out?  You might want to make a note of how much you spend eating out - that might be a place where you can cut costs

Late Orders and Additional Orders

Here are my AVON DOs!

Get at least 10-15 Orders
  1. Don't stop asking until you get the desired amount of orders to fulfill the goal you need for that two week period.
  2. Call your customers early; check them over for "deals"
(if the deal is by One at regular price and get 1 for .99...., know that if she only ordered 1 she will be charged full price.  If she ordered 3 she will be charged full price for 2 of them)

3.  Always keep one book for yourself so you can know what the special deals are in each book. Without the book, when you hit the magnifying glass, it might appear that a $35.00 item is just .99 - that is just the software getting ready to calculate the proper price when it bills at midnight.

4.  Enter your orders early - train your customers to give you the orders during the week, then if you have to process your order on a Sunday, you have the option of asking the opinion of Customer Service or your mentor for the answer during the week. - No stress - No bothering anyone on a Sunday.

5. Know you an save hundreds of dollars practicing your business on the offensive instead of on the defensive.
Late fee = 4.95 after midnight
If you are late 2 campaigns per month  = 9.90 in late fees
26 campaigns per year =  257.40

6. Train your customers so you don't have to place additional orders - 
9.95 for an additional order
If you place an additional order 2 times in a month = 19.90
If you place an additional order 26 times per year = $517.90

7.  To truly be a success and have a re-cyclical business - constantly rotating customers (not every customer can order every campaign), you need to
give out 3 per day = 15 days per campaign = 45 books per campaign
If 10 books =  6.90; 100 = 21.90 decide what is right for your goals. The more your order, the cheaper they are.

8.  Buy Samples whenever feasible.  Watch for sample packs available in the What's New Magazine - order as many as you can while giving you some commission to bank. Always put 1/3 back into your business.

9.  Find a business that will allow you to come in and give away a free gift basket raffle.  The employees fill out a raffle card with their info, the office manager pulls the winner, she gets the basket of pedicure supplies; you get 25 new customers.

10.  You must always place an order.  Even if it is just books to stay in the game, for 6.95.  They will not charge you shipping and handling on business supplies - just call 513 551 2866

11.  You must always have your account down to a zero balance before the day of the next submission in 2 weeks.  No zero balance = no gifts, prizes, incentives, no trips, no nuthin'.  

Excellence demands Integrity.  You have that in you.  Watch it blossom before your eyes with excellent business practices.

Keep awesome records - I keep all receipts and process my receipts with NEAT scanner which organizes them by category.

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