Monday, July 13, 2015

Shift in the Paradigm - from Person on Payroll to Boss!

When you are an Avon Representative, you are your own boss. 

You don't have to have a review, you give yourself a raise, you don't punch a time clock, and you work the days and hours you want. Sounds good? This little card above by Somee cards just says it all.   Well it's amazing! You get exactly out of your home based business what you put into it. 

So this brings the realization - 

Do I like Computers?

 This is important because 40% of your time is in order entry, training, return processing, and paying your bill.  Some people still use the old paper method we used 20 years ago, but why not go with the flow of technology.  My job is to give you the knowledge to succeed.  Your job is to have the will to win!

 Do I like people?

 People are the heart of your business. They love the products, they love how you treat them = more orders!   One of my Reps increased her business just by making little sample bags with decorations and candy in them.  People are breaking down her door just to get a sample bag.

 Do I like talking to people?

 Some people are turned off by the word recruiting, but hands down, way to make money in Avon is to add people to your team. I love making friends.  Who doesn't like to see someone succeed?  It's so rewarding to be able to help someone who doesn't have a car and can't go shopping, or is too old to drive and just needs someone to talk to when you drop off the order.  It's this kind of attention to detail which will make you a popular Avon Representative.  When you remember that Millie likes Skin So Soft, and you see that in Campaign 15, the spritzer is going to be only $3.50 - the lowest ever in the History of Avon, and she gets a message from you like this - you will make her day.

  "Millie, how are you?  Hey I remember how the mosquitos really love you and even though we don't market it as a mosquito repellent, the Skin So Soft works wonders keeping them at bay - I just thought of you when I saw this amazing sale coming up.  Please call me to let me tell you the rock bottom price!!!"

Do I like talking on the phone?

Your first line of defense against failure is your cell phone.  You must ALWAYS be able to be reached.  If not called, then texted.   Many of my former reps failed to pay their cell phone, and their business died.  They have to be able to contact you to give you an order.   You can't increase your business without customers and you can't get customers without COMMUNICATION.

Do I like Social Media?

Avon is fully integrated with all the social media you see up here.  You can click on a product and send a little video about it to your facebook, or better yet, send it to all of them with one click, using - a free marketing service.

 Avon pays you to make friends

That is why I love my customers and Reps - because we were friends FIRST.   I want to show you how I won a trip to Florida just for following the key steps to success.  Read this blog weekly to follow tried and true techniques. is where you to go sign up - please use my code: 


It's called a reference code. 

Without it, I can't guarantee whose team you will be on. With it, you get perks as a member of my team! 

You just want to place an order?

Ok - I'm asking.  you don't want to be a representative, but  I want to apply for the position of your Avon Lady 

  • - you will get free items as one of my customers. 
  • I also give you 10%off your order of 50.00 or more,
  •  for every 50.00 customer order you bring me! 

If you truly want it, watch this video!  In my channel is called Kdaymayday but you can just click on this link.

Karen Meyer, Avon Scottsdale - 85251 I service Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe 

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