Monday, November 4, 2013

Using technology to launch your Career with Avon

It's important that you follow the basics to attract and keep customers and utilizing every available avenue in this effort is your goal.  Specifically, you want to utilize sites that pay you instead of you paying them.  Google + analytics will allow you to create ads that will go on other national websites, because as my favorite phrase states, "This isn't your Grandma's Avon any more!"  Gone are the days where you can only sell to certain people on your street or cul-d-sac and only one representative per area. 

With the onslaught of technology and analytical capabilities to show you exactly who is looking at your site, this allows you to target your ads and features to your audience.  If they say you have mostly women, 50 or older - make sure you are featuring ANEW Platinum on your site.  If the report states that you have mostly women 18-24 - definitely feature the Mega Effects or Mark products.  I also like how the little ad they let me create to go on other people's pages not only leads to my site, but I can also send it right to my recruiting page, labeled OPPORTUNITY, with my specific code embedded.  Additionally, I can tell them that I do not want my ads appearing on any other Avon sites, to funnel them towards my coded page instead of clicking away onto the corporate page or competitor sites being allowed to put their ad on my site. Below, at the bottom of the page,  I have created an ad for me and at the same time, when I post the code to my site, my ad is being broadcast on another site. If someone clicks on another users ad on my page, I get paid. You could get paid too, doing  the same thing.

Avon does not allow anyone to change their keywords or met tags to boost their advantage, which integrally makes us richly favored by Google.  Avon also has a special page on the Web Editor which allows you to input your specific Gmail code so that when each page of your site, has the Google code, will boost you higher in the rankings, keeping you on the front page of the search engines when your zipcode and the word AVON is searched.

I urge you to go to one of my websites and download the powerpoint which gives you some free advice on how to market yourself.  I would ask you to follow me and add me to your circles for updated information:

When you find the link on How to market your Avon career, RIGHT CLICK on the link, then SAVE TARGET AS - name the file - save it to your DESKTOP.  It is quite large and will take about 7 minutes to download so put your feet up and have your notepad ready.  The blessing of doing this in a powerpoint movie is that you can stop it, pause it and go back if you need to see it again.

Let me know if this was helpful to you.  It is not meant to circumvent your Avon Training in PATHWAYS, under the training tab.  It is my pleasure to assist you in this endeavor. 

Karen S Meyer, Avon Unit Leader, 7291
Join my unit:  go to  use my RESOURCE CODE:  kmeyer2352

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