Friday, November 1, 2013

Back order Blues? Look at it from a different perspective!

How do you deal with customers in a positive way who ordered something that is on eternal backorder or discontinued?        

Up front, when they see the Outlet, I tell them - "This catalog is the most exciting of all.  This is the most popular catalog with Reps because they get 40% off the first 4 orders and to get 40% off something that is 5.00 which used to be 20.00 is exhilarating.  However, it's a gamble so we go into it with that attitude - we may win, we may lose, but we obviously have great taste because we have picked something that is extremely popular from our phase out catalog, Outlet."

  Not once, in all the years, (1980s) have I had a disappointed customer.  We celebrate when we get something and we try again on the next order when its boub or boub disc (back order unbilled or back order unbilled discontinued.  The key there is that we were not charged for it.  I tell my Reps to think positively - when you attack a problem with positive energy, you come out a winner with a new point of view.  

So remember, never grovel, blame Avon, blame the warehouse, when this happens.  You come off much more the champion sales person when you praise the customer for their excellent taste in products - style and color.

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