Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Placing a first order with Avon - what is my 1st priority?

Sometimes the initial interview may be a little overwhelming.  I encourage my reps to take notes and the ones who do are able to set their goals and timetables in their lives to make Avon so easy!  But let's say, for example, that you need a refresher.
1) Your first job is to input as many names into your WEBOFFICE address book as possible.  Those names need phone numbers and email addresses - at the very least.  The more information you put, the more professional your invoice will look when you clip it to their bag on delivery day.
2) Deliver books by hand - not frisbee to driveways.  Please listen to your Unit Leader on this very carefully, as it impacts your ability to connect with customers. 
     a) Identify your customer and compliment her on her hair, jewelry, clothes or bag - whichever you honestly love.
     b)  After she identifies your compliment, and smiles, ask her, "Did you  know that Avon does jewelry, clothes or bag/shoes (whichever you complimented)?
     c)  Ask if "Would you allow me to give you a free sample and new catalog?"
     d)  Tell her you would love to give her free samples of anything that interests her.  You then ask for her email and/or phone number, "In the event that you have any questions about the products, I would love the opportunity to follow up with you."
      e)  Your goal here is not to get the order, but to connect.  If she does ask when the order is due tell her:  "I need the orders by _______(two days before you submit the order). 
      f)   Follow up - the fortune is in the follow up.
      g)  Let her know when the delivery day is - thank her for her order and ask her what samples she would like to see in her bag.

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