Thursday, October 24, 2013


I arrived early and scoped out an awesome table...better yet, when the sun was at it's peak, I scoped out where I want my table in February at the next Vendor Fair.  In the afternoon shade!  In order to achieve success, I needed to figure out which one is perfect when it is hottest and then remember that and be the first one on the grounds next time!

Lessons learned - if you get there early enough....and have your disabled license plate does get to drive to your table and set up.  I will remember that, because with two dollies, it was a little hard on me.

It would have been easier with more reps showing up, but in the middle of the week, I understand that there are those who have regular 9-5 jobs.  One bright face showed from District 7295 - thank you Lori Acierto - you rock! 

Together, we gave out books, signed people and came away with about 30-40 strong leads for future customers and Representatives.

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