Monday, October 21, 2013

Enhance and broaden your opportunities.

What kind of opportunities are you giving yourself to blossom and grow?

A farmer puts blinders on a horse to keep her in line and focused and working to achieve his goals; so she doesn't lift her head up to the light, watch a few butterflies and dream of her choices and chances in life.

Are you wearing emotional blinders?  You have choices.  You have a chance for happiness. 

What I do for a living is fun - it makes me smile.  Avon can change your life. Change your opportunities and change your life.

Is what you are doing to take care of your family working for you? Are you out of debt? What is your dream?
You can dream as big as you like with Avon because, NO ONE CAN LAY YOU OFF, only YOU can do that.

You call in sick to yourself. Not so easy. You will find yourself, moving emotional mountains and walking towards your dreams as you distribute books, take online classes, gather orders and deliver products. When you start telling people about what you are doing, others will want to be a member of your team. You will earn money from their sales.   use my resource code:  kmeyer2352

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