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How to Create the Perfect Avon Event

How to Create the Perfect Avon Event

Considering signing up with a local event or flea market to have your own booth to show the Avon Opportunity??

 Here are just a few tips I have gathered and thought up in my time as an Avon representative.  Box the following items into two boxes and try to park close to the booth area so you don’t have to leave your items unattended



If you are the organizer, you should bring:

1.    Table,

2.    chairs,

3.    clipboards, and pencils to write with,

4.    raffle forms with name, address, email, phone.  If they balk at any of the items, say, we need to get in touch with you to bring you your gift.  You don’t have to be present to win. 

5.    tent (if outside, Walmart has them for 44.00 or 79.00 - Harbor Freight has them for 69.00)

6.    nice clean table cloth,

7.    glitz cloth, to show off jewelry and attract customers

8.    any pizzaz items to draw attention,

9.    even balloons would be great. 

10. Keep the color scheme pink and black and white.

11. Make sure all reps dress in black slacks – no jeans, tank tops or tshirts with wording…white sleeved shirt – give them an Avon apron.  Modest and classy - that's the key!  District should have some or you can order them from me - I embroider them with hot pink AVON 15.00 each

12. Wear comfortable shoes.

13. Have your people bring bottles of water and snacks

14. There can be no handwritten signs –

15. There can be no mess – so if Division Manager comes, all purses, and boxes must be under the table.  We aren't exchanging money, so you can lock your purse in the car and wear a fanny pack for personals.

16. Every person should order their books in advance and have them stamped.  Old books are ok – just put this label on it:

" This is an old book.  The prices may now be the same or lower.  Contact me today for a new book. name phone"

17. Bring applications – in each plastic bag add 1) jumpstart catalog and 2) 10 books, 1 What’s new, 1 Outlet, 3 Mark catalogs.  Have these pre stuffed into the catalog bags, but not labeled because They will need to label their own items.

18. Anyone who works a booth, as a courtesy for them representing Avon that day, when they leave, the DSM will continue to put out books with their name on it.

19. Bring a sign up list for next week and put it on a special clip board or create a link at  look for sign ups from (

21. Have Reps look their best – fix their hair and make up – again key is modesty and classy.

  Who would you buy Avon From?  You choose the most professional looking beauty rep:



22.If you are at a mall, use the mall internet link to get on and sign up the new rep.  Then show new Rep how to Register.  Help Rep place an order for a demo and books.  Save the items.  Show them how to add items to the order and save it, then delete those fake items.  Save the order so she can come back if needed.  Call her within 24 hours, and go over a time for next training when she has a few orders.


23. Bring a nice raffle basket – Make sure there is a card which lists the full value.   Holding a raffle is a great way to attract people to your booth. Integrity demands that you select a winner.  You might even post the winner’s name on facebooks and list the value of the basket they won.  collect names, numbers and email addresses to contact later and upon visiting them, tell them they came in 2nd (every one of them) and give them a shower gel or lotion or another nice free gift


24. Mentioned this before, but make sure you have a nice table cloth covering your booth table. I recommend pink or black and having a sign that says Avon, but per Division Leader, it cannot be a handwritten sign.  If you have an Avon banner, awesome!

25.Have a good supply of Avon’s best selling products for demonstration only.  Try not to sell any products there because you are competing with the store and this will upset the store Manager.  You can make appointments to come to them and show them products and sell them items.  Some Reps will say that having products that people know and love may increase the chance of making a sale right there.  True, but the store will be angry if you draw away their business.  The vision of the products will make the customers come over to have a better look – make an appointment to visit them and you will bring them a special gift.

26. If it’s spring or summer make sure you have Skin So Soft, Bug Guard, Sunblock and maybe even sunless tanner’s to show. If it’s winter, bring along lotions, hand creams and other seasonal items. 

27.  Have some demonstration products for customers to try out. This could include fragrances, hand creams, sanitizers, skin so soft and other products. I don’t recommend lipstick or eyeshadow as demos unless you plan on just showing them these items or just giving away lipstick and eyeshadow samples as there are hygienic consequences for sharing.



28.  A small basket of free samples is a great idea for attracting people to your booth. Make sure that people only take one or two and aren’t grabbing a handful of them.

29. I suggest that if the event is hosted outdoors in a hot or sunny area, I would defiantly recommend purchasing a pop up tent to put your tables under. Walmart has them for only 79.00.  People won’t feel comfortable sticking around to make a purchase if the sun is in their eyes or burning them.


30.  Bring lots of business cards and Avon brochures, outlet flyers and deal booklets for people to look at or take. Make sure they have your information on them and try to get the person’s information before they walk away.

31. Even previous campaign books can land you a sale! You can backorder up to 2 campaigns back, so be sure to show customers the best deals in all available campaigns!’


32. If you’re interested in recruiting people for your team, make sure to bring sign up kits to get them registered right then and there. Let people know about the Avon opportunity and that it’s only $10 to become a representative.

33. Strict rules about recruiting at a mall.  You can stand in front of the table in a 6 foot by 6 foot area directly in front of your table.   You may not wander around the mall and encroach on other store territories.  You are really there to hand out flyers on Breast cancer awareness and give out samples and books.   Put books and samples in the pockets of the apron.  Catch eye contact with a potential customer who is nicely dressed and groomed.  Compliment them on their hair, skin, clothes, jewelry, shoes…


Whatever you honestly feel the best asset is, use that to segway into AVON….like this.

Hi – How are you today?  My name is Karen and I just had to stop you to tell you how much I admire your shirt.  Did you know that Avon has cute shirts like that?  One of our designers for purses, shoes and handbags is the Paula Abdul collection.  Show a sample.  Would you allow me to give you one of these free samples?  If she takes one, ask if you may give her a book.  When she takes the book, say, “I would love it if you got the basket from today’s raffle, If you just fill out this little form, I’ll bring you the prize you win!”


You didn’t say if she will win it – you said she would win something

If she does her eye make up really well, this is what I say, “Oh my gosh – are you a make up artist?  No.  You are kidding me, you do it like a pro.  Did you know that Lauren Andersen, Celebrity Make up artist to Jessica Alba? Works exclusively with Avon?  You would make a great rep – you are already an expert.  How happy would you be if I told you I could give you 20% off your first order with me?  Yes.  Well then you would be really happy if I told you I would give you 40% off your first four orders, right?  And what If I said you could take orders from all your friends and get 40% from their orders too?  I would like that a lot.


It only costs 10.00 to become a rep and I am going to give you a free 10 dollar item when I come to train you – so it’s pretty much free today!  Actually I could sign you up right there at that bench – do you have just 5 minutes?  Wonderful!


These are two top recruiters and Representatives in our District.

Look how beautifully Cheryl Ardoin and Shelley Pulve look!

Well groomed, professional, ready to answer any questions.


Give this a try,  I think you will do well!.

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