Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Campaign 25 Results

For information on what is available for you and your customers

Tomorrow we will be submitting our 26th campaign for the year!  I'm excited!  I pretty much achieved my goal and it was hard but it feels good and that is what I want for you.
1)  Did you put your best effort to work?

2)  Do you think you have enough customers?
      17 reasons why you DON'T have customers!
3)  Did you do a little better than last year?  Success!

4)  Do you want help?  Call me!  480 262 3525

At this juncture, I want to thank you for being a part of my team and a valuable part of my life.  I remember each story and why you decided you needed more money and why Avon was the answer.

For some, Avon means, "Yes I sell a little, just enough to save me 20% for my make up, bath and beauty needs, and gifts".
For others, "I love shipping birthday and special ocassion gifts to my kids and grandkids at Avon's expense.  I always look for the free shipping deals and go out to my website and place an order with my debit card for shipping UPS to the family.  If I went to the store, I would lose the commission on the sale and my UPS cost would be about 15.00 to send a small box to one location.  That ADDS UP!"

What is your reason?  Let's discuss!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Jaqualine Rowe from Prescott, AZ.  Jackie is celebrating 2 years or 49 campaigns!  Happy Anniversary to Nicole Hamm!  Nikki is celebrating 21 campaigns and just broke 1,000 for the year to win her AVON BLING PIN!  Congratulations to you both!

Happy Birthday

Sandra Romo  Dec 22
Laura Brown Robinson - Dec 25

Direct Delivery

These Reps are working smarter, not harder.  By sending people from all over the United States to your website, you save money in fuel for delivering products, they save time by getting free shipping codes from you (ask me how!) and having the products delivered to their door.

Karen Meyer 6 orders 272.26
Shelley Pulve Warren 1 order 44.66

President's Club

These Reps did an average of 384 per campaign and before 26 campaigns, they had accumulated the sales below!
Excellent job!

Karen Meyer, Scottsdale, AZ - Honor Society      20,792
Shelley Warren, Randallstown, MD - President's Club  12,599
Mary Sanford, North Phoenix, AZ - President's Club    11,767

as you stand proud of your accomplishments, take a glance of what Earnings % you WOULD have been in, had you stretched and hit your next HOT point!

1575.00+ - Earnings 50%
*Let's all shoot for this!!*
When you reach 65,000 per year, the David O McConnell Club, every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 50% discount for the entire year

925-1574.00 - Earnings 45%
When you reach Rose Circle 35,000 in one campaign yearly cycle - every order you place no matter what the size is, is at a 45% discount for an ENTIRE year.

440 - 924.99 - Earnings 40%
President's Club winners get 40% all year long once they get to 10,000 in sales in a calendar year.


Mary Helen Rodriguez  556.00

Mary Helen came to visit me this week and did some training.  She got to pick a gift from my store.  When are YOU coming to train?  What will YOU pick?  What will you spend the money on from your earnings?

" The more you learn, the more you earn! " ~Frank Clark

295.00 - 439.99 - Earnings 35%
Shelley Pulve Warren 391.00  Shelley earns 40% for being a PC member
150.00 - 294.99 - Earnings 30% 
Martha Sheffield - Las Vegas, NV  247.00
Relda Quinn, Tempe, AZ 291.00
Donna Hernandez 215.00     
Maria Lozano - CA 210.00

51.00 - 149.00

Laura Brown Robinson, Mesa, AZ  142.00

0-  50.00  - Earnings 0%

Call me to discuss how we can get you more sales and more customers - 
 let's get you some $$$$$
Thanks for staying in the game - always order books/samples
if you are not going to place an order.
Let's Add someone to your team!!!
You get 35.00 when she places her first order of 100.00 within ONE month of joining, on time and paid on time to a z e r o balance, then for every one of her first 4 consecutive orders, you will get an additional 10.00!!!!


Shelley Warren  $365
Martha Sheffield $328


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