Thursday, April 24, 2014


So glad to tell you that all of your answers are easy to find.  When you first joined I urged you to log on and get to know your website and do the online training.  It is a fact that those people who do the training make more money than others.

I am proud to tell you that our Division SILVER SANDS, has set a precedence that will soon be adopted all over the United States.  We are giving you the opportunity to earn a diploma and be recognized by taking the classes and printing out your certificates.  

I graduated from high school and went to a year of a University before I married at 18 years old.  My first husband discouraged my going back to school, but my parents insisted that I at least graduate from a business college before marrying.  You can't imagine how happy it makes me feel to have this diploma for Avon's online Consultancy and Business Management Degree program.

I urge you to log in and start your training now. It is just 15 minutes per class and you can do this whole thing in a week if you try.

The deadline for the next graduation ceremony is July 1 - please bring your copies to Glenda Navarro to validate.

I want you to be a success - I will continue to give you tips and advice for your best interest.  Just follow my lead....
Here I am pictured with Avon's SILVER SANDS DIVISION SALES MANAGER, Jerry Medley.

If you are interested in a stay at home job, where you choose your own hours and days, and are able to advance yourself, give yourself raises, and take control of your finanaces and life, you need to talk to me!  This is so fun!

You can go to:       use my reference code to be placed in my unit kmeyer2352

Without the code you will be placed randomly with some other wonderful manager, but I would love you to be on my team so I can personally mentor you to success!
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