Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Emails from the District Sales Manager are vital to your business - so read them.  She has invited you all to a leadership meeting tonight.  There are some great insights to coming to this meeting.  There are different ways to be an Avon lady....

You can just hand out books and take orders.
You can learn about the products and make intelligent suggestions for helping your customer with other products (called upselling and cross-selling).
You can share the experience with others who are struggling in life and need the opportunity to make extra money.

I ask that my representatives do all three.  You really can't make any money doing a minimum order every two weeks and just taking a few orders. 

Come learn how to tweak your business plan to your advantage!  Tonight at 6:30 pm, we will be at
1290 N Scottsdale Road, #121 Tempe, AZ 85251    This is by Webber and Scottsdale road.
Coming South on Scottsdale Road, turn right on Webber and then left into the parking lot.  Make a right in the lot and follow it around to the left and you will see #121 - Follow the women in jewelry.

If you are coming North on Scottsdale Road from the 202, turn left on Webber and left into the parking lot, then right in the lot and follow it around.  Again, follow the women who all seem to have a great purpose to help others in life ;) - like YOU.

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