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Upcoming Events:  This week 4/11/2014 we are having something called a GIRLS NIGHT OUT.  This is an opportunity for all representatives to invite their customers to a FREE event that will have displays, presentations, Make overs, Fashion Tips, even an Avon Opportunity booth - and you don't have to clean your house or make cookies!!

Just please go to: YOURAVON.COM _ login and go to the COMMUNITY tab - click on DISTRICT CALENDAR - and RSVP as to how many friends you will be bringing.

We want to make sure we have enough Chocolate and Sparkling cider for all shoppers!!

High Sales for Campaign 7

Shelly Warren - $666.00 
A lot of us think it is so hard to collect orders, that we just don't have time. Let me tell you, my hat is off to Shelley - She not only had to deal with her wedding, retirement, moving to Maryland and setting up house up there, but she was able to pull a triple dollar power play giving her the ability to slide into home base for the President's Club title.  This is no easy feat.  Daily, we have to take steps to increase our business model and she is our model to follow.

Do you have what it takes for High Sales Campaign 8?  Last night at our Unit meeting, Cynthia Kamara did over 450.00 and so did Marisela Castro - it's neck and neck to see who will win the high sales prize - there may be someone over that already - but these are the two I know about right now!  

How did they do it?  Don't just try to get the minimum order.  This is your business - this is your bread and butter.  Don't stop asking until you get the commission level you need for your goal!  There is a new commission schedule in place - do you know how it works?

If you sell 0-    49.00 - the commission is 0     

Will that pay your car payment?

  50  -149.99 -   20%
150 - 294.99 -   30%
295 - 439.99 -   35%
440 - 924.99 -   40%
925 - 1574.99 - 45%
1575.00 - +       50%

Again, don't stop asking until you have the amount you need for your bills or your goal.
Here is a link to something that will help you with your business -   Does this sound familiar?  "She said she would call me...."

Welcome New Reps for Campaign 7 and 8

Welcome to Tammy and Betty Andersen - they are going to be dynamite!  I feel it in my bones!!!
Welcome to Marisela Castro - she is going to help us with our Latina sector of our Unit -

Training - Every Tuesday night there is training at the Royal Events Center at 1290 N Scottsdale Road, Tempe, Az 85281 - Please make the effort to go there.

Unit Meetings

We had 7 people with orders in excess of 150.00 and I had bags of products for you as well as bags of samples for those with orders over 100.00.  You need to be at the Unit meeting to get the free stuff - and trust me, I give good stuff.  The next one is 6:30 on Thursday, April 17.  Reward yourself with goodies by coming to the Unit meeting.  Here are some pictures from last night's meeting
 Marisela Castro and future order packers  Marisela won a large bag of products, a bag of samples, a basket for organizing an event on the 12th and 450.00 in sales, and also a large Genics for the most addresses in her address book.

Cynthia Kamara -

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