Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Rep First Order Form

Since Avon doesn't recognize the new reps without a first order of 50 or more, they are Pending Representatives - that is why I wrote that at the top

Some people seem to not want to make a first order until they have orders from Customers.  To help them understand that we are just diverting the money they were going to spend anyway at Albertsons or Walgreens, I call it a FAMILY SHOPPING LIST.  The word shopping list shows they aren't taking away from the family just lining their pockets instead of Walgreen

Let them add up the non Avon things in one  column and the Avon things in the other. "You decide what discount you you are going to give yourself today." Total them up and then deduct the % from each chart to see what they paid themselves.  When they look up what they get to deduct I always see the smile when they physically give themselves a profit. 

The 7.95 fee. I say "when Avon delivers product I almost feel guilty when I see it's only 7.95. So, even with 400-500 pounds delivered to my doorstep of boxes, Avon generously only charges 7.95 one simple fee, but when someone just does a 50.00 - their 20% kicks in and brings it down to 40.00, then tax and the 7.95 handling fee is added.  You can see that has very little impact on a large order however when you only place a fifty dollar order your profits get eaten up by the tax and fee.  So let's think big enough so you won't have to go to the store for a while for personal things for a while." 

Regarding tax. "We only get charged 7.95% so we make a little $ when we have to charge 8.3%". You can charge 7.95 or you probably need to charge 8.3% and pay that to your home town at tax time. - ask your tax man.

When I ask them to pay I take care in using positive wording. No one ever wants to pay. But if you say,"how do we want to take care of this. We can take just about every card." - its softer.  Taking care of things infers they have integrity and responsibility.  

1) their first order will be their first opportunity to buy from their own store and not line the supermarket's pockets.

2)  It will be their first opportunity to have a tax deduction towards their business by modeling and encouraging others to buy the products they are using/wearing.

3)  They will turn a profit within the first week because of these things

4)  Their order will be place and paid for on the day of signing;

5)  Your customer will now qualify - hands down - for the first incentive because their order is early, ship separate, and paid for on time (early).

5) You will qualify for the 25.00 recruiter fee.

After we enter their order in the system, I give them the paper copy and staple it to their tax data sheet from MY ACCOUNTS.   I say "This is your first real tax deduction for your business, you just turned a profit because these will adjust your gross earnings downward."

There are other instructions for a successful first week on page 2. The note at the bottom, in my opinion is, this is subliminal. To me, this raises their self esteem when they feel like they are in good standing. 

The link to this NEW REP FIRST ORDER FORM is here on my website - I wish you success -the success that I am having in making new reps feel excited about their business!

If the link doesn't work go to and click on the tab that says Avon Rep page - It's on there as "NEW REP FIRST ORDER FORM"

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