Saturday, March 15, 2014


When you joined Avon - your first four orders were 40% off for Avon items and
20% off for the consignment items like shoes, clothes,jewelry, etc.,

We did this to give you a leg up  Some of you took advantage of it and stocked up on your personal family items so that you could maximize your investments.  A few didn't place their orders on time and only got 2 or 3 chances.

This week ends that campaign.  After this week, new reps will pay 15.00 for a kit instead of 10.00  They will also be given a 35.00 option to purchase products for a kit.  They will be compensated for their earnings as:  0-50 = 0; 51 to 144 = 20%, and on up (see back of BELIEVE book or inside of WHATS NEW for scale)

This new method will encourage reps to go for the gold and "don't stop asking for orders until you have at least 12 orders"  that way you will see how much you are really earning.  With a 50.00 minimum order, your profits are eaten by the 5.95 shipping/service fee, books and samples.  You notice a real growth in your business having by larger orders.

I have kits - call me and let's get you into leadership by signing up the people you know who could use some cash in their pockets!  LET'S SAVE THEM SOME MONEY AND GET THEM IN THIS WEEK!!!

I expect you to do what I do.  I make calls to customers and new people who have never ordered.  I always carry books with me.  I give away 3 per day.  I keep asking until I get that large number of orders.  I count my customers, not the money.  

I am excited to see you next week (Thursday at 7:00 pm at my home)  To judge the amount of food I need to know if you are coming.
Please reply to the invitation or this email and let me know.

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC
Avon Representative -
Shop my site!  Ask me how to get a great discount!
480 262 3525
To sign up to become a Representative: use reference code: kmeyer2352

Account and Order Info: 1-513-551-2866
Quick Pay Support: 877-784-5729
Lost Orders, Missing Boxes: 888-540-2866
Leadership Help Desk: 1- 800-323-0651 or 1-800-548-5690
Product Information: 800-445-2866
E-Rep Desk: 1-888-514-2866
Internet Hotline: 1-888-514-2866
Fund Raising Desk: 1-888-340-2866
LA Sales Center : 1-213-746-2777
LA Sales Center-Avon Express 1-888-286-6327 fax: 1-888-927-2866
"You will come to know, that what appears today to be a sacrifice, will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." (Gordon B. Hinckley)

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