Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Avon Products really a hit!

What a great company to represent.  Having been in business over 128 years, Avon probably holds more cosmetology patents than any other Beauty Company.

This past year, Avon has won many awards in Cosmetologic Technology and has been recognized in the Media (NBC The Today Show, ABC, Good Morning America to name a few)

Many new Celebrity Ambassadors have joined Avon, for example:  Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey, Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Megan Fox, Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and upcoming in Campaign 7 we will see Olivia Wilde with her new fragrance.

Let's recap some of the old and new products and what they have done for us:

In 1992, Avon was the first to mass market a natural phenomenon in science called Alpha Hydroxy, which is derived from fruit acids.  This is a natural way to take off the old dead skin which contributes to wrinkles.  I am a poster child for this product as I was in an accident which scared my face and chest.  Where surgery had to remove some of the keloid scars on my chest, I chose to use the more natural Avon Anew products to lift off the damaged skin and urge the new skin to replicate youthful cells (GENICS) and to this day, it is difficult to see where I was burned.  My regimen today includes PLATINUM - and people tell me I don't look my age - which is very nice!
Jacqueline Bisset on Platinum

This past year, we now have Pro Line Eraser - this is a product  which boosts the collagen in a way that has never been known to do so before.  This pumps up the tissue and erases wrinkles.  I'm loving this
Here is a link to Dr. Cheryl Karcher expounding it's virtues:
Dr. Karcher on ProLine Eraser

Shortly after that, we got the amazing product called Absolute Even which crosses all ethnicities and erases 7 different types of brown spots on the skin.
Dr. Cheryl Karcher on Absolute Even

Recently, we now offer Skin Vincible! - This is a duo - a night time cream with alpha hydroxy and a day time lotion which moisturizes and has SPF 50 -  Combats against extreme weather conditions like Arizona and Pollution.  There is nothing on the market right now that compares with this.
Dr Karcher tells of SkinVincible

In 50 years of production, mascara has always been thought of as a tube and a wand.  Now Avon has changed the face of mascara with MEGA EFFECTS - It is shaped small enough to fit the palm of your hand, and has the wonderbrush.  This is shaped to contour your eye and deliver 40% more product in one sweep.  It also makes application more even and match the other eye, eliminating the awkward reach over with your non dominant hand to make the lashes fan out exactly like the first side.  The brush bends to many different anglehttp:/
Avon Expert speaks about Mega Effects

This Spring - we are launching the newest product.  This is going to revolutionize the plastic surgery as we know it!  This product has pharmaceutical grade skin tighteners which, helps sagging skin on the jowl and chin area. I have noticed that this product has indeed done what it promises and keeps getting better!


NOW EXPERIENCE AN INSTANT LIFTING SENSATION AND  AN ALL DAY LIFTED LOOK USING AVON ANEW CLINICAL INFINITE LIFT TARGETED CONTOURING SERUM.  It's unique applicator and fast absorbing formula are designed to work together to target 4 key facial zones (cheeks, jaws, jowls, chin) They provide a multi-dimensional lifted appearance of tighter, firmer and more defined and contoured skin.  The fast acting face lifting treatment, powered by our patented Poly-Peptide Lift Complex and 7 instant skin tighteners, helps counteract the look of aging skin.  The result is an immediate lifted feel with natural looking results over time.  This is based on those who expressed an opinion during a  consumer perception survey.

This is not in the catalog yet - but I have 15 right now!!!!

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