Saturday, March 8, 2014


Our high sales winner for Campaign 5 was:

New Representative
 Josie Pilone  $320.00

Josie is an ITT student and just landed a job using her skills.  She was working many hours at the Fry Bread House and her first recruit, Lori works there as well.  I see big things for Josie this year!  Her goal is to make Unit Leader in Campaign 7

Josie - well done!  Your prize is a stamp so you don't have to write your name on your books  by hand.
This will also be the prize for high sales for Campaign 7.  It is better that I give you guys something to help you with your businesses.  Hope you like that.


Our Unit has sold 73, 216.00 in the past year.  My goal is 75,000 in a year.  I think we can  accompllish this because our Unit total for Campaign 5 was:  $2,482.  Keep up the good work.


We gained a lot of new reps since campaign 5 so welcome:  


Right now, if we have the most recruits who place and pay for a 50.00 order on time, we will win a really cute vintage popcorn popper (like at Disneyland) with the AVON name branded on the side.  For that, we only need 4 recruits to do this.  To win the 1080p High Definition 46" television, we just need 10 reps who place and pay for a 50.00 order on time.  

Please think about who you know who needs money (who doesn't?) and make an appointment for me to meet them and get them signed up.


At the end of campaign 7, there is going to be a big change.  We are going to get really professional kits for the new recruits and it will cost you 15.00 to buy one for your recruit.  The new recruit will be given the option of buying a 35.00 bundle valued at 52.00 at the time of the appointment.  When they get that, it will be considered a paid on time order.

New reps until now were able to get 40% on their Avon laboratory made items, and 20% on the consignment items (clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.,) for the first 4 orders.  Now the pay scale will be  just like it is in the back of the Believe book.

C4 - C7 (Trendsetter C6 - C9) Watch Your Team Pop and Grow Incentive
How would like to earn your own Avon Table Top Popcorn Maker and a 46" 1080p High Definition TV?
Flyer NEW

In order for one of you to win the laptop and me win a laptop, the new rep was to place an order of 50.00 or more, deliver the products, collect the money and pay the bill before the 6th of March at noon.  Unfortunately, no one achieved this who was recruited during the incentive period.



The best thing you can do in this business is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  It's easy to sit at home and hope that someone will pick up a book you frisbeed to their porch.  It's easy to sit by t he phone and hope they will call you when they said they will.  But, we can do hard things.  We are strong and have indomitable spirits.  

This little video will give you some ideas and empower you to step up and do some things you didn't think you could.   Make sure to press pause and rewind when it goes too fast.  I am learning how to do the timing yet, but I missed my appointment with Steven Spielberg when I was in California and am doing the best I can with the knowledge I have now ;)

Campaign 7 is going to be amazing because we are releasing the newest ANEW product.  These products are great sellers because they are affordable and they work.  I am really noticing a difference with my INFINITE LIFT.  Make sure you order some samples to show anyone with a double chin!!!


You have an amazing training academy online called PATHWAYS.  You should be taking classes and reporting to me how many classes you have taken and what your favorites were.

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