Friday, January 24, 2014

To send or not to send...that was the question!

In October, we were given a directive from Corporate that we did not have to forward the 1st 2 copies of the contract to Pasadena and that when our Reps registered for the first time, that would be their contract as they agreed with the terms and conditions, checked their boxes and then proceeded on to build their website.

"But what about the people who sign up, pay their 10.00 and never register, then after 45 days, their account is closed and they need to sign up again? " - Leadership posed that question to Corporate and also made the point that "How can we do contract correction if we don't actually have a copy of the contract?".  Karen in Leadership told me today that going forward, please send in the copies as we always have done.  As far as the past (October to December) goes,
  •  if we have shredded the document we can print one down and have them sign it from "My Account", and send it in if we want. 
  •  If we still have the original and DSM copy, please go ahead and send it to Pasadena.
  • The contracts they really would like to have are the ones which reflect on your reports, "not online" - which means they have not registered.
  • If you cannot recover that original, don't worry, in 45 days, they will get a letter with the terms and conditions and they can sign and return it to Corporate.

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