Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! Great things are happening in Avon!

Campaign 2 kicks off this week on Friday before noon.  So have your orders ready to input on Wednesday or Thursday so that you are not rushed on Friday!

Did you hear a rumor that Meagan Fox is our new Avon Celebrity Ambassador?  It's True
It's pretty exciting to have someone who's livelihood is based on her hair make up and hygiene.  Ok and that she is adorable, right?  She has been instrumental in designing a new fragrance for men and women and the samples are ready for you to show them to your customers!
There is something special happening that will be a very positive thing for those who aspire to become a President's club member.  Once you do 10,000 worth of sales in one year, you get 40% off no matter how large your order is, just like a new rep gets 40% off on the Avon lab products for their first four orders!
So imagine what would happen if you turned in 100.00 in orders and the products you ordered fell into the category of Triple Dollar awards?  That means you would get credit for 300.00 instead of 100.00.  Do you get 40% of 300? No, but you get to President's club a lot faster. 
Avon is always coming up with wonderful ways to inspire us to get over that 10,000 hump and here's the advanced information:
AVON REPRENTATIVES, Here's the scoop on TRIPLE DOLLARS Award Sales coming in 2014: Mega Effects mascara in C4 will be triple dollars and then in C7 you will receive Triple Dollars in award sales on every beauty product you sell; skin care, makeup, fragrance and bath and body.....Awesome News! It will include sales from the incentive program they will have in C7 demo Infinite Lift Serums, the Anew spring for ageless beauty flyer that will be out then and the C7/C8 Spring Beauty Basic Flyer.......from Networking with Dixie Jean...I'm excited!
If this sounds terrific to you to and you are not yet an Avon Rep - you can do so for the lifetime fee of only 10.00 - just go to - make sure that you use my code kmeyer2352 and then I will get to be the one who trains you!

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