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What is procrastination? 
 It is task avoidance.  It is putting off doing some thing, or performing a task hat may or may not result in success for us.  For some people, procrastination is the bein of their existence.  It rules their life and forces them to make rash decisions at the last minute rather than carefully executed plans.

Why do we procrastinate? 
There are many reasons why we don't do what is going to help us.  The website REALSIMPLE.COM compares Charlie Brown's (comic strip character), who is always having fights with his innerself (those crazy voices we all hear that tell us what to do when...).  They say, "Science explains Charlie Brown’s seesaw sensibility as a fight that is sparked between two parts of the mind when it’s faced with a distasteful activity: a battle of the limbic system (the unconscious zone that includes the pleasure center) and the prefrontal cortex (the internal “planner”). When the limbic system wins, and that’s pretty often, the result is putting off for tomorrow what could (and should) be done today. more on procrastination

Another reason could be...laziness.  We don't have the emotional or physical desire to perform the duty regardless of the promise of success.  Sometimes it is just a matter of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
You really have to want success more than your boss wants it for you....

So how do we hurdle this and make ourselves a success in life instead of using excuses?  I make lists.  A list keeps you focused and on target.  It makes you accountable.  If you don't accomplish what is on your list, you need to analyze why, regroup and try again with a goal of crossing the item off the list.,

In the Avon business or any home business, plans start with the big picture.
1) I want to do better than I did last campaign;  Last time I did _____this time I will do______
2) I want to win an incentive; either have to do 100 in sales or be the highest in my unit in sales.
3) I want to win the dinner at Red Lobster with Karen - I need to recruit more than any other person in my unit by Dec 31
4) I just want to get some products to demonstrate, some books and business supplies so I can have more tax deductions - I know I will have to pay all the shipping and tax but that is all I want to do.

I like to win prizes, so I will do all 4.  How will I accomplish this?
With my #25 order, I received 100 books.  On this day, I will stamp those books and place 2 samples (perfume and 1 lipstick - total expense .62 for catalog and .27 for perfume and lipstick) in a little bag ($.01)
and staple it to the cover.

2) I will keep 2 baskets in my car filled with books
3) I will make up 2 baskets of random products with cello and ribbon (to give out at a doctors office with lots of assistants for filling out a raffle information form)
4) I will keep a box of books in my car just for giving out 3/day and getting 3 addresses and phone numbers for my Web Office Address book so Avon will do all the email marketing leading people to my website.
5)  I will make an entry in my phone for 2 days before my ca mpaign and then repeat that - infinity
6)  I will call all my customers on that day and ask for an order.
7)  I will make an entry in my phone for the day before my campaign to make sure my bill is paid to zero balance - infinity
7)  I will make an entry in my phone for submission day NOON and a reminder for 9 am to make sure my order is in on time to avoid late fees and make sure I am always in compliance so that I qualify to W I N THINGS!

In this business, I'm your Mama - I am successful - do it like I do and you will  be too!

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