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This is the hour....

Everyone has two basic opinions about the New Year, either it's:
1) "I never keep my resolutions, so why bother?"
2) "I am so excited to start fresh with a New Year on my career".

Resolutions are important because they motivate you, keep you going, and help you become accountable to someone....You!


The history of Celebrating New Years and Resolutions was The earliest recorded festivities in honor of a new year’s arrival date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. (  Sometimes there is traditional food involved, or promises to do better at something.  The most common one is diet.  It is also the most broken resolution!  It takes 21 days to create a habit, so I want you to give this a try.  Just do the things I have asked you to do every day for 21 days and prove to me that it doesn't work.  You won't be able to - you will become a success in spite of your trying not to be!!

The question I need to ask myself, is, "Am I doing my best?  Could I do better?"

These are some tips for success

Upside to selling Avon:1. Low start up cost: immediate signup online for only $15.00 to start. Just go to and look for the Believe box - click it and you will see that it lists me as your resource code.  Voila! You will be on my team!2. No minimum sales requirements for each campaign. A campaign is a 2 week period. However, you want to try for a minimum of 8 orders so that your commission isn't consumed by the 5.95 handling and  tax on your orders.3. Avon is a recognized name throughout the world. This means you don't have to convince people about the quality of the products or the 100% product guarantee.
4. You can utilize the aid of,, or who will all give you a free credit card slider device.  When you take your customer's order, the money is put into your business checking account so you can pay for all the products in advance - no orders will ever be on hold.
5. No required inventory - Instead, concentrate on selling and sharing Avon s opportunity with others for faster success.
6. Make your own hours - Be there when the kids get home from school, or launch a full-time business, it's up to you.
7. There are orphaned customers; they no longer have an Avon rep to order from, and believe me, there are lots of them!
8.  When you focus on giving service to others, you will be really rewarded emotionally, that you were able to deliver products to someone without a car, who is too sick to go to the store, or who works all day and is exhausted.
9. It's fun to receive your order from Avon and share it with your customers!  I always feel like Santa Claus when I open the boxes.10.  You can enjoy the many deductions afforded to those who employ a home based business. (Please talk to your tax person to see how many you qualify for).

One of my District Sales Managers did a very wise thing.  Last year on December 30, she had us all write down what or who we wanted to become exactly a year from then.  As I was writing this, I was hearing negative self talk, "Yeah - like you could go that high! Good luck!"
So here goes - here is my list
1) Make President's club - short season goal was 7,000
I made that goal by June.
2) Make Honor Society - short season goal was 14,500
I made that goal while I was in Orlando, FL on a 100% paid trip. 
3) Earn a trip to Florida
All I had to do was have 10 new reps, and 4 candidates.
I over shot the goal - 17 new Reps and 6 new candidates
4)  Make Rose Circle - before campaign 26
During Campaign 25, I went up to 28,000+
5) Travel more with my husband
We flew to California 3 times this year and recruited/trained reps.
6) Give back and Serve my representatives more and others.
I taught the Skin Care class to 7041 in California and prepared a powerpoint to help my new Reps get up to speed on the new skin care products.

Am I bragging?  Absolutely not.  I am actually shocked that the experiment worked.  From the list, we were supposed to make a dream board, showing where we have been, where we are and what we want to accomplish.
1                                3
2                             4
 Starting from 1 left to 2 down lower left then  3 upper right and 4 lower right.  
7 years ago, I came from an abusive marriage and found my high school sweetheart.  We married and I moved to Arizona.  I didn't know anyone and was still too traumatized to make a lot of friends.  I decided to focus on my music and scrapbooking, and crocheting.  When I was bored with that, I rejoined Avon.
Within 2 years, I had recruited over 170 people, of course, not all are active now, as Avon is the perfect company to drift in and out of based on timing.  It works best when you focus on becoming a leader - so I did!  Knowing that all my kids are safe now, is a blessing.  I feel happy and free from burdens.  I try to win every challenge - just to see if I can.  I absolutely love it when some of my reps really put forth the effort and I can sit back and watch their pride grow from winning prizes.  I rewarded some of those with a gift basket and a raffle sign so that they could get more customers, holding raffles

Those scrapbooking supplies came in handy!!!

So what if you didn't make your goal last year.  Try again.  Begin again.  Call me and make an appointment to come over and make some Avon signs or train with me.  I am here for you.  80% of success is measured in just showing up!
So call me and show up!  480 262 3525

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