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You are in the AVON business for yourself...but never by yourself....

What should I be doing in between Campaign submission dates?


Start thinking about your future.  Do you just want to make 20.00 per campaign on a 100.00 order or are you working towards your goal.  Don't stop asking until you get 15-20 customers - try to get new customers every campaign.  Print down the Earnings chart here on my website:


Why should you share this business with others?  Someone shared it with you.  You now have products that make you look younger and healthier.  You have customers who look up to you and respect what you have done for you and your family.  Your community loves it that you protect the citizens, the elderly and infirmed and deliver the products personally to their home so they don't have to go out in 120 degree heat.  You feel good about what you do for others.  Why not share those good feelings and teach others?  The contest below ends in Campaign can ask 10 people to join and if 8 of them place an order on June 13th of 50.00 or more and pay for it on June 26th to a zero balance, you will win:

1) Avon bag, water bottle, zip pouch and
2) Event fees  paid 100% at 300.00
3) Your 4 day stay at a luxury resort in Orlando, Florida
4) Your airfare.

You will also get 25.00 * 10 = 250.00 for the Believe in your Self bonus program for each of those people who place an order on time and pay for it on time.

Your are in business for yourself....but never by yourself.....

Our District 7291 is in the Silver Sands Division.  There are about 600 people in our District and we compete for Awards Dollars and President's Club Recognition.  The road to President's club is full of excitement, excellence, and passion for helping others.  I can tell you that if you were to be in a Unit of any one of our Top 10 leaders, you would flourish.  Each of the Seniors and Unit leaders in our district are as kind and giving as you can imagine.  They want your success as much as I do.  When any of the girls from other units call me, I treat them exactly like I would my own.  I know if you were to come to a District meeting and chat with any of our wonderful Unit Leaders and Seniors, you would gain so much.  Every time we help each other, our District soars.  We want to be the best one in the Division.  We want to be the District with the highest sales, lowest returns, and the most amazing increases over last year....but most of all....we want you to achieve your goals for you and your family.

It's very exciting for me to see so many of my Representatives on my team being honored for achieving Top10 in Sales, Increase over last year, or Recruiting (changing lives for the better!)

Not listed here, but honored last week at our district meeting for being the top 5 in very first week representatives, are Josephine Kellet #1 and Cynthia Saures #4 - Well done Girls!!!!

I hope all of you are trying to attend this convention in Orlando.  If you need help recruiting or as I like to say, "Changing lives", please call us!

Remember, when going out to meet the public, add some make up and wear something professional.  People are interviewing you to be their new Beauty Consultant.  You are interviewing for the position as their boss and Beautify Consultant.  Not saying you should be a "Mimi", but look how nice she looks when she isn't on stage.  People will take you really seriously if you dress the part and do the training online so that you can really advise them as to the best course of action for their hair, make up and skin.

Results as of 5/28
Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in SalesTop Sales IncreaseTop 10 Recruits
1Karen Meyer$5,759
2Tracey L Mcdaniel$3,727
3Bernadette Shaw$3,636
4Teri Morrison$3,470
5Cheryl Ardoin$3,028
6Linda M Scarpone$2,282
7Jody Freed$2,243
8Tamara Ortiz$2,202
9Linda A Pio$2,146
1Karen Meyer$3,306
2Bernadette Shaw$1,840
3Jody Freed$1,323
4Teri Morrison$1,240
5Melodea P Cormier$720
6Marianne M Selby$702
7Cheryl Ardoin$640
8Teresa M Pacheco$636
9Marivel Jaimes$581
10June Kinsley$580
1Karen Meyer6
2Tamara Ortiz5
3Jody Freed1
4Lorenashley Buford1
5Tamera S Grell1
Top PC RepresentativesTop PC RepresentativesTop PC Representatives
1Karen Meyer$5,759
2Bernadette Shaw$3,636
3Teri Morrison$3,470
4Cheryl Ardoin$3,028
5Linda M Scarpone$2,282
6Jody Freed$2,243
7Tamara Ortiz$2,202
8Linda A Pio$2,146
10Frona M Willis$2,073
1Karen Meyer$3,306
2Bernadette Shaw$1,840
3Jody Freed$1,323
4Teri Morrison$1,240
5Cheryl Ardoin$640
6Mrs Esther Nunez$307
8Maria A Carrizosa$203
9Virginia D Csader$187
10Beth A Brezinski$174
1Karen Meyer6
2Tamara Ortiz5
3Jody Freed1
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Tracey L Mcdaniel$3,727
2Jesus N Gonzalez$1,861
3Janet L Pullen$1,728
4Donna G Hernandez$1,719
5Lois Jeanne Johnson$1,581
6Marianne M Selby$1,386
7June Kinsley$1,308
8Carolyn E Balady$1,234
1Melodea P Cormier$720
2Marianne M Selby$702
3Teresa M Pacheco$636
4Marivel Jaimes$581
5June Kinsley$580
6Michelle Laspina$565
7Linda S Zepeda$541
8Josefina Viviano$480
9Linda C Plato$467
10Blanca Rodriguez$464
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1Marisela Castro$1,619
3Jessica Barba$1,160
4Luz M Gastelum$1,155
5Kimberly Colson$1,030
6Miriam Valenzuela$916
7Martha Sheffield$838
8Lily Zubia$491
9Lorenashley Buford$433
1Lorenashley Buford1
2Tamera S Grell1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.

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