Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I have lots of exciting news for you!  

Do your training in the online system under TRAINING - AVON PATHWAYS - COURSE CATALOG - NEW REP CURRICULUM
There are 13 classes about 15-20 minutes each - print out your certificates and get them to Glenda or myself and you will get your diploma at the DIVISION RALLY, JUNE 25, AT 6:00 PM - 1290 N Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ 85281

She gave me the idea to create a matrix for when we use WHAT catalog!
See attached - print it down and put it on your refrigerator


We have a lot of new Representatives!
Marlo Sexton
Paula Rademaker
Monica Leon
Osiris Garcia
Celeste Anisco

Megan Jones
Alicia Newby (Paula Rademaker
Ita Prado (Martha Sheffield)
Clarissa Ayon (Marisela Castro)
Shannon Greenbusch
Calstina Dash
Cierra Gerlaugh (Brandon Billingsreber
Sharnette Hodges (tomorrow)
Shirley Harlow (tomorrow)

I couldn't resist this graphic -
you still have to get 2 more people and all of your sales combined = 1200 but this is cute!


 We have new Candidates for Unit Leader!  

Marisela Castro - 1 Rep - Clariza Leon
Paula Rademaker - 1 Rep - Alicia Newby
Brandon Billingsreber - 1 Rep - Cierra Gerlaugh
Martha Sheffield - 1 Rep - Ita Prado

Our Campaign 13 Submits on Friday before noon - that means all payments need to be down to zero balance on Thursday night.  If you have any questions about this, please call me.  

drum roll please!!!

Veronica Corella - 671.00

Veronica has won a $35.00 bottle of FEMME - to keep or Sell for an instant 35.00 cash

Here's how it rolled out for us:

2nd -Marisela Castro 581.00
3rd - Marsha Sheffield 344.00
4th - Josephine Kellett - 281.00
5th Maria Lozano - 242.00
6th Paula Rademaker - 140.00
7th Celeste Anisko - 122.00
8th - Shelley Warren - 112.00
 9th Monica Leon - 102.00

Lots more almost made 100.00

We have people earning their 1,000 pin!

Donna Hernandez
Marisela Castro
Martha Sheffield

Wear it proudly - it tripled my income!!!!!


We have people representing us in the DISTRICT standings - (15 districts in Arizona - Our District has about 400 people)
Results as of 6/10


Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in Sales Top Sales Increase Top 10 Recruits
1Karen Meyer$6,683
2Bernadette Shaw$4,459
3Teri Morrison$4,100
4Cheryl Ardoin$3,412
5Tracey L Mcdaniel$2,878
6Jody Freed$2,841
7Linda M Scarpone$2,730
8Tamara Ortiz$2,630
9Linda A Pio$2,615
10Frona M Willis$2,534
1Karen Meyer$3,395
2Bernadette Shaw$2,388
3Jody Freed$1,617
4Teri Morrison$1,415
5Melodea P Cormier$849
6Teresa M Pacheco$818
7Michelle Laspina$815
8Marivel Jaimes$747
10Marianne M Selby$715
1Karen Meyer8
2Tamara Ortiz5
3Jody Freed1
4Lorenashley Buford1
5Tamera S Grell1
6Patrick Williams1
Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives
1Karen Meyer$6,683
2Bernadette Shaw$4,459
3Teri Morrison$4,100
4Cheryl Ardoin$3,412
5Jody Freed$2,841
6Linda M Scarpone$2,730
7Tamara Ortiz$2,630
8Linda A Pio$2,615
9Frona M Willis$2,534
1Karen Meyer$3,395
2Bernadette Shaw$2,388
3Jody Freed$1,617
4Teri Morrison$1,415
5Cheryl Ardoin$634
7Cleo Commons$338
8Mary Jo Batt$287
9Lois Jeanne Johnson$283
10Kathy Bauman$84
1Karen Meyer8
2Tamara Ortiz5
3Jody Freed1
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Tracey L Mcdaniel$2,878
2Jesus N Gonzalez$2,267
3Janet L Pullen$2,102
4Mrs Esther Nunez$1,898
5June Kinsley$1,836
6Donna G Hernandez$1,719
7Roberta Massey$1,644
8Carolyn E Balady$1,567
9Maria A Carrizosa$1,556
10Beverly C Small$1,548
1Melodea P Cormier$849
2Teresa M Pacheco$818
3Michelle Laspina$815
4Marivel Jaimes$747
6Marianne M Selby$715
7June Kinsley$686
8Carolyn E Balady$634
9Josefina Viviano$625
10Blanca Rodriguez$622
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)   Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1Marisela Castro$2,200
3Jessica Barba$1,477
4Kimberly Colson$1,472
5Martha Sheffield$1,182
6Luz M Gastelum$1,155
7Miriam Valenzuela$916
8Blanca Valencia$714
10Lily Zubia$491
1Tamera S Grell1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC
Avon Representative - http://youravon.com/kmeyer2352
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480 262 3525
To sign up to become a Representative: www.start.youravon.com use reference code: kmeyer2352

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Quick Pay Support: 877-784-5729
Lost Orders, Missing Boxes: 888-540-2866
Leadership Help Desk: 1- 800-323-0651 or 1-800-548-5690
Product Information: 800-445-2866
E-Rep Desk: 1-888-514-2866
Internet Hotline: 1-888-514-2866
Fund Raising Desk: 1-888-340-2866
LA Sales Center : 1-213-746-2777
LA Sales Center-Avon Express 1-888-286-6327 fax: 1-888-927-2866
"You will come to know, that what appears today to be a sacrifice, will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." (Gordon B. Hinckley)

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