Friday, June 13, 2014

Thank you my Make up Mavens!!

Believe in your Dreams.....

It was totally a Challenge but by my calculations, I think I'm bound for Orlando.  I met all the criteria for all the levels.
1) recruit 2 and get tote, and accessories
2) recruit 2 more and get the 300.00 event fees paid;
3) recruit 2 more and get all hotel fees paid;
recruit 2 more and get a 500.00 visa gift card for air fare and shopping.   

Build 2 Candidates
I also had to turn some Reps into potential leaders by helping them recruit one. So here are the new candidates:  Brandon Billingsreber, Marisella Castro, Paula Rademaker, Martha Sheffield!! Well done! You are on your way to Unit leader!! You have 13 campaigns to achieve this or the people will roll up to me.  If you have 3 registered recruits, you will get an extension of 13 weeks.  and you'll receive a bonus of 100.00 plus 25.00 for each rep who signs up, puts a 50.00 order in on time and pays on time.

See my website for the Bonus schedule

Thank you to my wonderful team who joined my team during Campaigns 10, 11, 12, 13.  I love you guys.  Just follow all my tips and avoid any pitfalls that might make you stumble. March proudly toward your goals,; daily follow the calendar to stay on task!  Do your training.  Step out of your comfort zone, try something new!  Dress nicely and always be well groomed when you leave the house.  When you enter a room, Own it!  Wear an Avon pin!  People will come up to you and ask your advice.  You have the power within you to draw positive energy you way. Do it! ;)

Congratulations to all my new reps who placed their 13 order and paid for it in advance.  Three listed did not pay their bill on time and I feel badly that Avon disqualified their orders to help me, but they are good people and still learning about Avon's zero balance rule but that's ok.

Welcome to:  Megan Jones, Alicia Newby, Ita Prado, Shannon Greenbush, Sharnette Hodges, Cierrah Gerlaugh, Calstina Dash, Clarissa Ayon and Blanca Martinez

Our New Campaign 12 Reps have been doing well and are submitting their 2nd order tomorow
Monica Leon, Paula Rademaker, Osiris Garcis, Celeste Anisco and Marlo Sexton!

Our Campaign 11 New Reps are submitting their third order:
LaDonna Shank, Cynthia Saures,

Our Campaign 10 Reps are putting in their #4 order
Lisa Wilson, Josephine Kellett, Teresa Powell and Mitasha Collins.

Thank you again ! When I an there I will get my skin care certification card! 


Just for adding 6 people to your team you will receive this!!!

 I am living my dream life - you can too!  Just do what the calendar says and don't waiver from your goal.  Keep asking for orders until you have 20 orders.

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC
Avon Representative -
Shop my site!  Ask me how to get a great discount!
To sign up to become a use reference code: kmeyer2352

Account and Order Info: 1-513-551-2866
Quick Pay Support: 877-784-5729
Lost Orders, Missing Boxes: 888-540-2866
Leadership Help Desk: 1- 800-323-0651or 1-800-548-5690
Product Information: 800-445-2866
E-Rep Desk: 1-888-514-2866
Internet Hotline: 1-888-514-2866
Fund Raising Desk: 1-888-340-2866
LA Sales Center : 1-213-746-2777
LA Sales Center-Avon Express 1-888-286-6327 fax: 1-888-927-2866
"You will come to know, that what appears today to be a sacrifice, will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." (Gordon B. Hinckley)

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