Saturday, May 17, 2014


Tonight was the President's Club Gala here for 7291.  I really
 want you all to  focus and not give up.  The dinner and music 
and decorations were all so  beautiful!  They treated us so
 terrifically!!!  It was really exciting to be there with people 
who have Unit sales of 7,000,000 and more each two
 weeks.  If I am living my dream now....just think of what
 it COULD be for all of us!

It starts with a goal!  Tell yourself out loud that you are going to sell 
7,000 before December31st - then make your actions match your words. 
 Keep asking each campaign until you have 12-20 orders.  Help people with
 products that go with other products to build orders - see how many things 
you can bring to them rather than have them go out in the heat to Albertsons 
or Walgreens.  Really S E R V E your customer -

Here are some pictures from tonight!  I was privileged to receive 1st place
 in the District for B O T H  Sales volume and Increase over my sales last year
 then I was blessed to receive the Recruiting with Excellence.

Your stories of how you overcome adversity and survive inspire me and
 I am a better person because you are on my team.  Let me serve you by
 helping you with your recruiting and to increase your sales.  Make a poin
t to come to our Unit and District meetings and you will sell more than you
 have ever done before.  Call me when you make sales and let me give you
 the support you deserve!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

Vice President, Meyer and Meyer Consulting, LLC
Avon Representative -
Shop my site!  Ask me how to get a great discount!
480 262 3525
To sign up to become a Representative: use reference code: kmeyer2352

"You will come to know, that what appears 

today to be a sacrifice, will prove instead 

to be the greatest investment that you will 

ever make." (Gordon B. Hinckley)


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