Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Six members of our team took tops in our District - Excellent work - this is cumulative for the current President's Club Challenge for 2014.
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Results as of 5/13
Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in Sales Top Sales Increase Top 10 Recruits
1Linda M Scarpone$3,363
2Karen Meyer$3,141
3Bernadette Shaw$3,094
4Teri Morrison$2,093
5Tracey L Mcdaniel$2,007
6Cheryl Ardoin$1,929
7Linda A Pio$1,683
9Frona M Willis$1,556
1Bernadette Shaw$1,901
2Linda M Scarpone$1,282
3Karen Meyer$1,143
4Melodea P Cormier$676
5Jody Freed$670
6Teri Morrison$539
7Cherryl Bruce$473
8Teresa M Pacheco$433
10Marivel Jaimes$383
1Karen Meyer4
2Tamara Ortiz4
3Lorenashley Buford1
4Tamera S Grell1
Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives
1Linda M Scarpone$3,363
2Karen Meyer$3,141
3Bernadette Shaw$3,094
4Teri Morrison$2,093
5Cheryl Ardoin$1,929
6Linda A Pio$1,683
7Frona M Willis$1,556
9Kathy Bauman$1,428
1Bernadette Shaw$1,901
2Linda M Scarpone$1,282
3Karen Meyer$1,143
4Jody Freed$670
5Teri Morrison$539
6Cheryl Ardoin$343
8Cleo Commons$290
9Judy F Whallon$181
10Linda A Pio$108
1Karen Meyer4
2Tamara Ortiz4
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Jesus N Gonzalez$1,296
2Roberta Massey$1,199
3Janet L Pullen$1,084
4Maria A Carrizosa$1,051
5Gina S Murdough$1,041
6Donna G Hernandez$1,016
7Mrs Esther Nunez$1,006
9Beverly C Small$980
10Melodea P Cormier$926
1Melodea P Cormier$676
2Cherryl Bruce$473
3Teresa M Pacheco$433
5Marivel Jaimes$383
6Binal P Patel$370
7Blanca Rodriguez$357
8Rene V Basnett$349
9Windy D Ogba$344
10Josefina Viviano$334
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)  numbering is off but Marcella is #1 Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
2Marisela Castro$1,412
3Jessica Barba$957
4Kimberly Colson$776
5Miriam Valenzuela$727
6Martha Sheffield$469
7Luz M Gastelum$428
8Lorenashley Buford$362
9Lynnmichell Tenorio$308
10Lily Zubia$295
1Lorenashley Buford1
2Tamera S Grell1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.
1Marisela Castro$1,412
2Jessica Barba$957
3Kimberly Colson$776
4Miriam Valenzuela$727
5Martha Sheffield$469
6Luz M Gastelum$428
7Lorenashley Buford$362
8Lynnmichell Tenorio$308
9Lily Zubia$295

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