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Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

My goal for you is to train you so that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!  If you can't figure out something - try the videos at

QUEST FOR PRESIDENT'S CLUB - It should be every Representative's goal to achieve the level of President's club.  This means in a one year cycle, the representative sold 10,100.  and is eligible to get extra demos, receive a flat 40% on all orders regardless of size, and many other perks!  This year, the cycle is changing.  It goes from campaign 8 to Campaign 26 or December 31st - the total you have to sell to get the 40% for a whole year is only 7,000.00  - This is only about 350.00 per order - you can DO this - and WE can win a trip to Hollywood for the Gala.  I want my team with me - let's go!  Read more here!

MEETINGS THIS WEEK:  TUESDAY , 6:30 PM   Leadership meeting at 1290 N Scottsdale Road #121 (Behind the Shell station - corner of Weber and Scottsdale Road) Tempe, Az 85281 -

THURSDAY 6:30 PM -Processing party for Campaign 11 at my house - 8727 E Amelia Avenue - Scottsdale, AZ 85251  Come learn about new products - touch feel smell !  Displays of jewelry clothes, etc., Process your order, ask questions - get to know other reps so you can arrange carpooling with other reps to meetings.  Refreshments will be served.  Casual attire.  Raffle prizes for most emails in system, most training certificates, bring a friend to sign up get a raffle ticket - High sales over 150.00 for 11 get a bag of samples when attending Processing Party.

FACEBOOK - Please join the District FB  Avon District 7291     also join my Scottsdale Avon 85251 FB

NEW REPRESENTATIVES:  We have some terrific new reps added for 9, 10 and 11 - Please welcome Marisela Campos,  Tamara Lewis-Grell, Betty Lewis,  Martha Sheffield, Lisa Wilson, Josiefina Kellett, Cynthia Saures and Mitasha Collins.  

Let me tell you how these women impressed me -
Marisella Campos, is my new Latin leg of our team. We are going to build an amazing team to dominate Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa. Maricella has already climbed to almost 1000 in sales and Monday night we have an appointment to add a person to her unit.

Martha Sheffield has not only been in the top new seller's list already but has created an LLC so that she is working on her retirement savings and putting her earnings in a separate account!
Theresa Powell - used to sell Avon in New York.  She is a vivacious blonde with two adorable kids.  She is excited about meeting her neighbors and getting out there with her products! 
Lisa Wilson, used to sell Avon and is an Insurance Agent - if any of you have any insurance needs, contact me to get her digits!  She is going to be dynamite!
Josephina Kellett is also working on some specific goals and setting aside her money.  She is also going to be using the as a way to help customers pay right away.  She likes to win prizes - I can tell!
Cynthia Saures is a retired teacher and extremely goal oriented.  She said, "Give me a target and I will exceed it every time!"  I LOVE to hear those words.  She has contacts in Guam and is already thinking about signing up her daughters.
Mitasha Collins works at a Nursing Home.  She is a young woman who wants to branch out and get her education in Cosmetology.  She really is excited about the new earnings program.  You sell more, you make more!
Tamera Lewis Grell - Tamara has beautiful eyes and blonde hair.  She not only came to her first interview with me but became a candidate for Unit Leader the first day by bringing her secret ammo Betty Lewis, her mother, who used to be an Avon lady.  

What a great way to start this new Florida Incentive with all these live wires!  Let's go girls!  You find someone to ask and I'll help you get them signed up.  We will all go to Florida and we will all make President's Club!!!

So glad to have these gals on my team.  I love my whole team and everytime I meet someone new, I see them standing on stage at the President's Gala and telling their success story.

These numbers can always be found in the COMMUNITY TAB - MY DISTRICT - RECOGNITION - They will change Tuesday, but I couldn't wait to send you all a thank you for a great Campaign 10!

Campaign Recognition
Top 10 in Sales Top Sales Increase Top 10 Recruits
1Karen Meyer$2,285
2Bernadette Shaw$2,094
3Tracey L Mcdaniel$1,597
4Cheryl Ardoin$1,562
5Linda M Scarpone$1,430
7Linda A Pio$1,257
8Jesus N Gonzalez$1,240
9Frona M Willis$1,183
10Teri Morrison$1,140
1Bernadette Shaw$1,185
2Karen Meyer$684
3Cherryl Bruce$456
4Cheryl Ardoin$438
5Mrs Esther Nunez$416
6Jody Freed$411
7Rene V Basnett$404
8Amapola Loya-mundo$375
9Christina L Navarro$366
10Josefina Viviano$363
1Tamara Ortiz2
2Karen Meyer1
3Lorenashley Buford1
Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives Top PC Representatives
1Karen Meyer$2,285
2Bernadette Shaw$2,094
3Cheryl Ardoin$1,562
4Linda M Scarpone$1,430
5Linda A Pio$1,257
6Frona M Willis$1,183
7Teri Morrison$1,140
9Tamara Ortiz$1,057
10Kathy Bauman$1,030
1Bernadette Shaw$1,185
2Karen Meyer$684
3Cheryl Ardoin$438
4Jody Freed$411
6Linda A Pio$200
7Lois Jeanne Johnson$135
8Kathy Bauman$99
9Judy F Whallon$76
10Cleo Commons$59
1Tamara Ortiz2
2Karen Meyer1
Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC) Top Established Representatives (Non-PC)
1Jesus N Gonzalez$1,240
2Mrs Esther Nunez$1,006
3Donna G Hernandez$918
4Roberta Massey$775
5Maria A Carrizosa$675
6Virginia D Csader$670
7Linda S Zepeda$648
8Cherie M Nikirk$643
9Esther G Flores$617
1Cherryl Bruce$456
2Mrs Esther Nunez$416
3Rene V Basnett$404
4Amapola Loya-mundo$375
5Christina L Navarro$366
6Josefina Viviano$363
7Teresa M Pacheco$338
8Marivel Jaimes$324
9Maria A Carrizosa$320
Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)   Top New Representatives (LOA 2-10)
1Tracey L Mcdaniel$1,597
3Marisela Castro$801
4Jessica Barba$588
5Miriam Valenzuela$438
6Kimberly Colson$437
7Lorenashley Buford$362
8Lily Zubia$325
9Claudia V Mendoza$280
1Lorenashley Buford1
FYI: Certain ranks, names, and values are not displayed based on the Representative publicity release setting. To change your publicity release setting for the next campaigns results, click here to update your preference.

Karen S. Meyer, DSWA Certified Elite Leader

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