Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Left to right, Mega Effects, Mascara, Color rich lipstick, Color duo eye shadows, New color lip crayons, full color lip gloss!
Avon's Campaign 19, "You make it Beautiful!"

Avon introduces bold new colors and levels the playing field between other, much more expensive, cosmetic lines, yet keeps it affordable.

Ever wonder what the difference is between the more vibrant colors and the lighter more subtle colors of the past?  The answer is in the base.  Avon is now using a clear liquid base when they add the rich color pigment it stays Vibrant!

I especially love the new eyeshadows.  Remember how the older styles had the #s on the bottom to tell you where each shade went?  Then while you were doing you eyes, you always have to turn your case over to see the pictures on the bottom.  Now the #s are engraved into the shadow.
  1. Under the eyebrow - fan it out on the sides - put a littlc next to your inner to make your eyes appear a little wider apart .
  2. This one goes on the lower lid - just two swipes gives you amazing color which offsets the color of your eyes and really makes them pop!
  3. This is the one that you very carefully pack into the crease.  I relax my eye lid and use the thin edge, carefully packing it so that I can feel the brush on the lid, slightly behind the eyeball.  This gives a really dramatic crease line.
  4. On the outside edge draw a greater than sign on your lit  "eye>" on the outside edge, then blend it in.
  5. Finish with really awesome liner very close to the lashes.  I use On the point - it simply flows on in a cream, not liquid base and when you put the cap on, it sharpens automatically.
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"The new lipstick comes in 55 shades - When you feel like you need to refresh it, simply press your lips together and the technology kicks in gear and your color refreshes!  "

Read this article from avoncompany.com - it's so true!!! 
"High quality and high technology define Avon color cosmetics. Scientists from around the world work to bring a global and regional perspective when to foundations, powders, nail, eye and lip products. And when it comes to lipstick, Avon knows how to meet consumers’ needs; the company sells four lipsticks every second.

Avon consistently pairs beauty and scientific innovation, resulting in products that provide superior performance and help women look and feel their best. The palettes are modern, seasonal and on-trend and are shaded to cover a broad range of skin tones.
Avon Color is Avon’s flagship global color cosmetics brand. Avon Color includes everything from mascara and nail enamel to a lipstick with a built-in lip gloss. Other brands in the cosmetics portfolio include the Jillian Dempsey Professional, created by Avon’s Global Creative Color Director and industry icon Jillian Dempsey; Smooth Minerals, developed with essential nutrients and minerals, including copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc and malachite; and ANEW Beauty with the same cutting-edge anti-aging technology found in the revolutionary ANEW skincare line." ~!Avoncompany.com

The colors are amazing!   "What you see is what you get!"  The new lipstick even has a clear lid so you can see what color you are pulling out of your purse without having to open it!"


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