Monday, August 26, 2013

I truly believe in not asking anyone to do something I myself, would or could not do.  So if I tell you that the challenge is to go to the store and introduce yourself to 3 people and give them a book, you better know that I am doing the same thing!  Saturday, I don't know what the temperature was but I got my make up and a cute outfit on, donned my Skechers and hat and embarked on a new journey.

I always tell people NOT to give out their new catalogs like Frisbees.  You lose the opportunity to meet someone and you don't get contact information.  It's like dropping money into a broken slot machine.  However, when you have lots of extra books and you still have one campaign to use them, by all means, stamp them with your name and address, put in a "I'm the Avon Lady" introduction letter and set one on each porch in the neighborhood. 

So, I have been concentrating on recruiting so much that I wanted to pump up my customer base.  Where ever I could see a live body on the walk around my neighborhood with my pull cart, I introduced myself to a REAL person and got their digits and email addresses.  Here's what I learned about myself.....

1) I have been procrastinating doing this because I tell myself it's too hot.  It took me 30 minutes to do 60 houses.

2)  I didn't die of exhaustion ;)

3)  I heard these comments from live people, "Wow, I didn't know how to find you!"  "I've been wanting an Avon lady!"  "I'm addicted to Avon - I just needed a rep!"

4)  I stepped out of my comfort zone to stretch my goals. 

I urge you to do this THIS WEEK - This is your order gathering week - so do something to Amaze me and come back here and write about it! 

Have a wonderful week!

Karen S Meyer,
Avon Unit Leader

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